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A few examples of some new technologies being developed, targeted to philanthropists of different generations to help them track and share their giving.

May 02, 2016

Everyone gives in their own unique way. You can give a donation, the gift of your time or even your voice. There are many ways a philanthropist can actively engage in community issues and support the nonprofits they most care about. With this year’s GiveBIG, Seattle Foundation’s annual one-day online giving campaign, it’s a great time to dig deeper into innovative tools philanthropists of all ages can use to track and share their giving.

What motivates people to give?

While all generations want to trust that their donation will be used efficiently and feel good about their contribution, studies show that each generation behaves differently in terms of donor preferences and giving habits. Where the largest generation of Baby Boomers might have loyalty to a specific nonprofit and care deeply about impact, the second largest generation, Millennials, put a greater emphasis on transparency, are more motivated by peers and demand real-time ROI when it comes to their giving.

Millennials, especially in our tech-rich Greater Seattle community, have the advantage of growing up in a digitally integrated world with multiple devices and a “start-up” culture. Because of this, they tend to be more tech-savvy and quicker to adapt to innovation than previous generations. But you can’t stereotype the generations. Boomers are evolving and adopting digital tools and apps in their giving habits.

Here are just a few examples of some new technologies being developed, targeted to philanthropists of different generations to help them track and share their giving.

Boomerang Giving

After just a few clicks to download the app and register, a “Boomer” can view the GiveBIG campaign and easily record and donate some, or all, of their senior discounts they track. Savings are accumulated in $20 increments and are automatically donated to the users nonprofit of choice. The app also allows for donations to go to designated nonprofits at the time the user receives a discount. The app will even track the progress of the GiveBIG campaign through May 3 and displays how many others are participating and the accumulative amount donated.

Royal Cause

Royal Cause started as an ambassador program at the University of Washington, using college students that are passionate for philanthropy to share the app and use research and relationships to educate their peers on the corporate giving and causes in our community. The apps aim is to give millennials a platform to give a “shout out” on organizations they support. Last month Royal Cause hosted a “Hack n’ Pitch” event at UW Startup Hall where nine groups of students presented their technology-based solutions for solving issues in the community. The app recently launched and can be used by GiveBIG community philanthropist for “social recognition” and “social activism” and track how philanthropy intersects with their daily lives in real-time

This is the sixth year of GiveBIG, Seattle Foundation’s annual one-day online giving campaign.  Over the past five years, more than $56 million has been invested in the Greater Seattle community through GiveBIG. In order to increase impact each year, learn about ideas that you can do right now for “smart giving” and help support GiveBIG 2016.





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