Board of Trustees 

As stewards of the Foundation’s assets and donor funds, our Board of Trustees is committed to responsible governance and fulfillment of our mission. 


Martha Choe, Chair
Ann Watson, 1st Vice-Chair
Tay Yoshitani, 2nd Vice-Chair
Pete Shimer, Treasurer
Jeanette Lodwig, Secretary
Maggie Walker, Past Chair

Board of Trustees

Libby Armintrout
Fraser Black
Nathaniel T. "Buster" Brown
Carolyn Corvi 
Jean Enersen 
Bob Flowers
Marcia Fujimoto 
Joe Gaffney
Mark Gibson 
Steve Hill
Gary S. Kaplan, M.D.
Linda Park, PhD
Mary Pugh
Chris Rivera
Scott Shapiro
Brad Smith
John Stanton
Kevin C. Washington
Jan Whitsitt
James Williams
Grace T. Yuan