Health & Wellness

Senior aerobics class

Healthy communities are strong communities. When King County residents are at their best health they are active community members free from physical and mental illness, chronic disease and injury. They are surrounded by opportunities to exercise, eat healthfully and live in neighborhoods and homes safe from dangerous conditions and exposure to environmental toxins. Whether it's ample time to play outside with their kids or access to fresh foods, communities know what they need to be healthy. We support health and wellness initiatives that are driven by the communities they are serving.

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To successfully tackle health disparities we promote strategies that address structural factors in how communities address health issues alongside strategies that support individuals and families.

We support effective programs for our most vulnerable residents—including seniors, people with disabilities, foster youth and survivors of domestic violence. These groups are committed to improving outcomes for high-risk individuals and their families.

We support health organizations that have roots and trust in the communities they serve.