GiveBIG Golden Tickets 



On GiveBIG day, May 5, The Seattle Foundation will select donors at random to receive a GiveBIG Golden Ticket. The charity that received the selected donor's gift will receive an additional $1,000 provided by The Seattle Foundation and GiveBIG's generous sponsors. 

That means that a $25 donation could become a $1,025 donation, just like that!

Several $1,000 Golden Tickets will be awarded throughout the day, and in addition to the donation made on their behalf, donors who win a Golden Ticket will also receive a $100 Starbucks gift card or a $100 Taco Time gift card for themselves.

The gift card prize has a fair market value of $100, and is considered taxable income to the donor. Any donor receiving the gift card has the option of choosing not to claim the prize.


What is a Golden Ticket?
The Golden Ticket is a random drawing made during GiveBIG on May 5, 2015, that will award the selected nonprofit organization an additional $1,000.

When will Golden Tickets be drawn?
Golden Tickets will then be drawn at random times throughout the day.

How is a Golden Ticket selected?

For each drawing, The Seattle Foundation will select a donation from all donations made up to the time of the drawing, using a random number generator. Golden Ticket drawings will not take place at fixed times.

What does the selected donor receive?
The selected donor will receive one (1) $100 gift card from GiveBIG sponsors Starbucks OR Taco Time. In addition, $1,000 will be given in their name to the same nonprofit that received their donation.

What does the selected nonprofit receive?
The nonprofit selected to receive the winning donation will receive an additional donation of $1,000 from The Seattle Foundation. 

Are Golden Ticket winnings eligible for stretch funding?
No, the $1,000 Golden Ticket comes as an additional payment and is not eligible to receive funding from the stretch pool.

How will Golden Ticket winners be notified?
Designated staff from The Seattle Foundation will be on hand throughout the day to alert the winning nonprofits and donors. We'll also be announcing the winners on our Facebook page. 

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