Affordable Housing 

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A mix of affordable housing should accommodate people of all kinds, keeping people close and connected to their jobs and communities.


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tactics for giving to increase affordable housing
  • Contribute to readily accessible funding pools nonprofits can access when property becomes available.
  • Support nonprofits working to keep housing affordable
  • Support nonprofits working to engage landlords to provide housing for low-income and moderate-income families
  • Support advocacy and public policy work to increase affordable housing
The Seattle Foundation evaluated organization
12.3% of Washingtonians, and more than 18% of children under 5, are living in poverty.
Success Story
Impact Capital Financing Helps Low-income Communities
Impact Capital makes strategic capital investments aimed at improving the quality of life in our region. As a community development financial institution, the organization provides pre-development financing and below-market loans to nonprofit organizations developing housing projects in low-income communities across the state.
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Social and Health Indicators Across King County
The Communities Count Partnership is committed to improving community health and well-being through information advocacy—providing accurate and timely reports on conditions that matter to King County residents.
State of Homelessness in America 2011
This is the first report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) in what will be an annual series of investigations into how U.S. economic conditions are affecting homelessness.
Our Housing, Our Community: Addressing Seattle’s Needs
This 2008 report examines the state of housing in the city of Seattle.
Local Housing Wage and Rent Data-Washington State
Statewide data on wage, rent, and affordability.
The Future of the Field: Trends Affecting Nonprofit Affordable Housing
This report presents an analysis of the current and expected trends facing nonprofit affordable housing.
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