Resources for Small Businesses 

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Support for small businesses is critcal to the economic health of our region. Small businesses provide jobs, generate tax revenues, contribute to our livelihoods and help to anchor the community.


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tactics for giving to increase access to resources for small businesses
  • Support community development financial institutions (CDFIs) who provide access to capital, technical assistance and lower rates to underserved businesses
  • Support organizations that help low-income entrepreneurs start and run small businesses
  • Support culturally relevant small business support programs for immigrants/refugees
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86% of King County residents say small businesses play a very important role in the health of the local economy.
Success Story
Building Businesses, Income and Self-confidence
Washington CASH helps hundreds of individuals build businesses, income and self-confidence each year through a constellation of services including business development courses, microloans, technical assistance, mentoring and access to computer labs. These services enable low-income women, people with disabilities, new immigrants and refugees to start or expand on their self-employment ventures.
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Creating 21st Century Jobs: Increasing Employment and Wages for American Workers in a Changing World
Today's workers face labor market challengs made worse by a risky fiscal situation. It is now imperative that leaders at the federal and state levels take bold actions to better position American workers for success in a 21st century economy.
Social and Health Indicators Across King County
The Communities Count Partnership is committed to improving community health and well-being through information advocacy—providing accurate and timely reports on conditions that matter to King County residents.
The Demographics of the Jobs Recovery
This Pew Research Center report analyzes changes in employment throughout the economic recovery, examining trends in job growth by race, ethnicity, nativity and gender.
The Great Recession: Taking Stock of Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost
Washington State added 1,100 jobs in March 2011, while statewide unemployment crept up fo 9.2% from 9.1% in February, likely the result of more people entering the labor market who had previously stopped looking for work.
Making Sustainability Legal
Sightline Institute's "Making Sustainability Legal" project is working to remove outdated rules that stop affordable, green solutions.
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