Resources for Small Businesses 

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Support for small businesses is critcal to the economic health of our region. Small businesses provide jobs, generate tax revenues, contribute to our livelihoods and help to anchor the community.


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tactics for giving to increase access to resources for small businesses
  • Support community development financial institutions (CDFIs) who provide access to capital, technical assistance and lower rates to underserved businesses
  • Support organizations that help low-income entrepreneurs start and run small businesses
  • Support culturally relevant small business support programs for immigrants/refugees
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Success Story
Building Businesses, Income and Self-confidence
Washington CASH helps hundreds of individuals build businesses, income and self-confidence each year through a constellation of services including business development courses, microloans, technical assistance, mentoring and access to computer labs. These services enable low-income women, people with disabilities, new immigrants and refugees to start or expand on their self-employment ventures.
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