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A strong economy is the engine that fuels all other elements of a healthy community. A strong regional economy requires support for people and businesses, and access to education, training and resources.



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Support education and training for low-income adults
Improve financial stability for individuals
Increase access to resources for underserved businesses
Refugee Women's Alliance »ReWA is one of the largest refugee and immigrant service providers in the region, delivering a continuum of culturally competent wrap-around services to help refugee and immigrant families thrive in their new homes.
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Financial Empowerment Network | Seattle-King County (formerly the Seattle-King County Asset Building Collaborative) »We connect people with affordable, mainstream banking; financial planning; financial ed; credit and debt counseling; free tax prep; public benefits; microenterprise development; and homeownership and foreclosure prevention resources.
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Tavon Center »In 2003, Tavon Center was created by a group of concerned parents, professionals, and friends who recognized the need for post-high school programs where young people with disabilities can continue to learn, grow, have friends, and work toward independence.
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Recent Foundation Activities
Mission Investing and Lessons Learned
The Seattle Foundation's Vice President of Community Programs, Michael Brown, discusses lessons learned from mission investing.
Success Story
Building Businesses, Income and Self-confidence
Washington CASH helps hundreds of individuals build businesses, income and self-confidence each year through a constellation of services including business development courses, microloans, technical assistance, mentoring and access to computer labs. These services enable low-income women, people with disabilities, new immigrants and refugees to start or expand on their self-employment ventures.
In 2007, nearly half of all income in King County went to the top 20% of households while less than one-twentieth went to the bottom 20%.
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The Financial Security of Households with Children
Corporation for Enterprise Development analyzes data on the net worth and asset poverty of households with children and finds that many families are on financially shaky ground.
Low-Skill Workers' Access to Quality Green Jobs
This brief discusses strategies for improving access to green jobs among those with low skill levels, particularly jobs that can help improve workers’ economic standing and better support their families.
Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector
Did you know that one in 10 U.S. employees works for a nonprofit, and that nonprofits in the U.S. generate $1.1 trillion each year?
Charting a Path
Linking low-income, low-skilled adults to education and training leads to family-supporting jobs.
Opportunity Road: The Promise and Challenge of America's Forgotten Youth
A national cross-section of opportunity youth in 23 diverse locations across the United States was undertaken in August 2011 to learn about common elements in their personal histories and their lives today, and to explore opportunities to reconnect them to work and school.

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