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A strong economy is the engine that fuels all other elements of a healthy community. A strong regional economy requires support for people and businesses, and access to education, training and resources.



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Support education and training for low-income adults
Improve financial stability for individuals
Increase access to resources for underserved businesses
Washington Community Action Network Education & Research Fnd »Washington CAN! is a statewide, grassroots lobbying organization. With over 35,000 members, we are the largest consumer advocacy group in the state. We work on a range of issues with the broad aim of bringing about greater economic and social justice.
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Teens in Public Service »TIPS is dedicated to raising social awareness in teen leaders through valuable summer work while mutually benefiting nonprofit organizations.
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Kirkland Interfaith Transitions in Housing »Kirkland Interfaith Transitions in Housing (KITH) was founded for the purpose of finding a response to homelessness, and to meet the needs of those who are facing a homeless crisis.
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The Seattle Foundation evaluated organization
Recent Foundation Activities
Mission Investing and Lessons Learned
The Seattle Foundation's Vice President of Community Programs, Michael Brown, discusses lessons learned from mission investing.
Success Story
Building Businesses, Income and Self-confidence
Washington CASH helps hundreds of individuals build businesses, income and self-confidence each year through a constellation of services including business development courses, microloans, technical assistance, mentoring and access to computer labs. These services enable low-income women, people with disabilities, new immigrants and refugees to start or expand on their self-employment ventures.
There are about 52,000 "unbanked" residents in King County.
Stay Informed:

The Demographics of the Jobs Recovery
This Pew Research Center report analyzes changes in employment throughout the economic recovery, examining trends in job growth by race, ethnicity, nativity and gender.
Assets & Opportunity Scorecard
The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard is a comprehensive look at Americans’ financial security today and their opportunities to create a more prosperous future.
Lessons from SEED, a National Demonstration of Child Development Accounts
A nationwide system of Child Development Accounts (CDAs) established as early as birth can lead to lifelong savings, raise college expectations and affordability, and serve as a basis for more stable and productive financial lives for American families, according to this report.
The Economic Contribution of Seattle Community Colleges
A recent economic impact study shows that the Seattle Community Colleges play a major role in the region's economy, creating a total impact in King County of $1.1 billion a year.
A Summary of the King County Community Conversation Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults
This report summarizes the results of the King County community conversation held on February 29, 2012, to garner community input about the needs, challenges and opportunities for youth ages 16-24 in King County who are neither in school nor employed.

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