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Schools, nonprofit organizations, families and employers must work together to ensure that all students graduate from high school college-ready. We know that the majority of living-wage jobs in King County require at least some postsecondary education.


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tactics for giving to teach life skills
  • Provide students with social-emotional supports that improve school attachment, self-efficacy, and academic motivation 
  • Reduce the need for remediation through early identification and intervention for students who are not achieving at grade-level 
  • Support first-generation, low-income students in planning for and transitioning to college 
  • Connect high-school dropouts and other “off-track” youth to post-secondary education and employment pathways
The Seattle Foundation evaluated organization
20% of K-12 students in King County’s Roadmap Region (SE/SW Seattle, South King County) switched schools within the last year.
Success Story
Coaching-to-College Pairs Foster Children with Volunteer Mentors
Treehouse for Kids offers Coaching-to-College, a program pairing foster children with volunteer mentors to help them identify, pursue and achieve their educational goals. Working with their mentor, they discuss college options and even tour campuses together. This kind of support and mentoring is essential to help foster children learn about and access higher education.
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A Paramount Duty: Funding Education for McCleary and Beyond
Washington state policymakers must come up with billions in more funding over the next few years to comply with the State Supreme Court’s decision in McCleary v. State, which mandated a significant boost in K-12 school funding.
Trends in Education Philanthropy
Grantmakers for Education (GFE) introduced its annual Benchmarking survey in 2008 to gauge the state of education philanthropy and to learn from its members how the field was evolving. Every year since 2008, they have offered a snapshot of trends, emerging issues and challenges funders saw on the horizon. The latest report in this series was published in 2012.
One Region's Cradle-to-College Approach
The year-old Community Center for Education Results has galvanized hundreds of key civic players to build a road map toward improving education, cradle to college, in South King County.
How Mercer Middle School soared after struggling
The remarkable turnaround at Asa Mercer Middle has Seattle School Board members paying close attention. The school's success could significantly influence policies across the district.
The Strengths and Challenges of Community Organizing as an Education Reform Strategy
This new study finds that "by leveraging the collective power of parents, youth, residents, and institutions, community organizing can alter longstanding power imbalances and patterns of inequality that result in failing schools."

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