Education: Girl Taking Notes 

Providing every child with a high-quality education is among our most important responsibilities as a community. Educational attainment is perhaps the most powerful factor in determining whether children will reach their full potential as healthy, self-sufficient adults.


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Involve families and communities in ensuring student success
Teach lifeskills for success in life, college and career
Increase support for high-quality public schools
Pike Market Child Care & Preschool »Securing high quality child care is an emotional and financial challenge for any parent. For a family earning a low income the challenge can be insurmountable. Our program provides service to children aged 18 months to 5 years on a sliding scale.
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OneWorld Now! »Oneworld Now! is a nationally recognized after school global leadership program for underserved high school youth in Seattle, Washington.
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Alliance for Education »The Alliance for Education is an independent, non-profit organization that brings together parents, teachers and members of the community who are dedicated to identifying academic issues and supporting new learning programs for Seattle children.
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Recent Foundation Activities
Middle School Initiative
The Seattle Foundation is investing approximately $2 million over five years to support three King County School districts (Highline, Northshore and Renton) in developing stronger partnerships between middle schools and community-based organizations.
Success Story
Coaching-to-College Pairs Foster Children with Volunteer Mentors
Treehouse for Kids offers Coaching-to-College, a program pairing foster children with volunteer mentors to help them identify, pursue and achieve their educational goals. Working with their mentor, they discuss college options and even tour campuses together. This kind of support and mentoring is essential to help foster children learn about and access higher education.
20% of K-12 students in King County’s Roadmap Region (SE/SW Seattle, South King County) switched schools within the last year.
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Reducing Student Poverty in the Classroom
This Center for American Progress report presents examples of successful antipoverty strategies in schools across the country and urges policymakers to realize the positive impact that school-based antipoverty programs could have on the education and well-being of low-income children across the United States.
Kids Count Data Center
The Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT Data Center provides more than 100 indicators of child well-being, including economic status, health, safety and risk factors.
Human Capital in Seattle Public Schools
This analysis reviews the Seattle Public Schools’ teacher policies linked most directly to teacher effectiveness.
Graduated Success: Sustainable Economic Opportunity Through One- and Two-Year Credentials
There is now more evidence than ever before that one- and two-year credentials, particularly in specific fields, can lead to economic prosperity.
A Paramount Duty: Funding Education for McCleary and Beyond
Washington state policymakers must come up with billions in more funding over the next few years to comply with the State Supreme Court’s decision in McCleary v. State, which mandated a significant boost in K-12 school funding.

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