Healthy Puget Sound 

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Our region depends on a healthy Puget Sound to support our natural resource industries and the Port of Seattle as well as our physical environment, personal health and sense of place. Keeping the Sound healthy by supporting work to restore and preserve it, as well as promoting awareness about the Sound’s condition, offers solutions for safeguarding this vital asset.


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tactics for giving to improve the health of Puget Sound
  • Support organizations working to restore the Sound
  • Support organizations that promote broad awareness about the condition of the Sound, the ramifications of inaction and advocate for the comprehensive environmental solutions required


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Stay Informed:

Puget Sound Partnership's Publication Resource Center
The Puget Sound Partnership is a community effort of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists and businesses working together to restore and protect Puget Sound.
Sound Health, Sound Future: Protecting and Restoring Puget Sound
The Puget Soiund Partnership was given a 10-month assignment to “develop recommendations for preserving the health and ecosystem of Puget Sound, and to help educate and enlist the public in achieving recovery of the Sound by 2020.” This document outlines those recommendations.
The Problem of Polluted Runoff in Puget Sound
People for Puget Sound provides an overview of the problem of polluted runoff in the health of the Puget Sound.
Puget Sound Facts
The Puget Sound Partnership's Resource Center for a variety of facts about Puget Sound.
Valuing the Puget Sound Basin
This report by Earth Economics finds that nature as an economic asset delivers a flow of benefits of between $9.7 and $83 billion in economic value to people every year.
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