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From snow-capped mountains to lush forests and rocky shorelines, the Puget Sound region is characterized by magnificent natural resources and an enviable quality of life that sustains our region.


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Improve the health of the Puget Sound
Engage everyone in the preservation of our environment
Ensure future vitality of our region
Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust »The Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust is an island-based nonprofit that acquires, manages and conserves land on Vashon-Maury for the purpose of preserving wildlife habitat, natural resources and open space.
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The Nature Conservancy in Washington »TNC has 50 years of experience in Washington. Through science, stewardship and policy we get on-the-ground results, influence new legislation and solve critical challenges for communities and industries.
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Bridle Trails Park Foundation »Bridle Trails State Park, 480 acres of trees and trails, is in the heavily urban area of King County with a population of nearly 3 million residents. The Bridle Trails Park Foundation (BTPF) was organized to keep this park open and staffed by the Washington State Parks.
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Recent Foundation Activities
Northwest Environmental Grantmakers
The Seattle Foundation organized and hosted the quarterly meeting of the Northwest Environmental Grantmakers. As an educational forum, the group heard from regional environmental leaders about current legislative trends around environmental issues.
Success Story
Coalition Connects Transportation, Health and Climate Change Issues
Transportation Choices Coalition brings citizens, businesses and public agencies together to help improve Washington’s transportation system to meet the state’s growing needs. The coalition educates the public on transportation issues, policies, and projects and makes the connections between transportation, health and climate change.
Ocean-related industries generate more than $3.8 billion in annual wages to the regional economy and thousands of business establishments use Puget Sound counties as their base of operations.
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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Despite widespread interest in the size of the renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE&EE) industries and the number of jobs these industries create, until now no one had conducted a comprehensive study of these industries.
Puget Sound Partnership reaches a crossroads
Can the state cleanup effort deliver on Gov. Gregoire's demands for measures of real progress? (
An Overview of Potential Economic Costs to Washington of a Business-As-Usual Approach to Climate Change
Building on a 2006 study, the University of Oregon issued an updated report in 2009 detailing the economic costs in Washington state of a “business as usual approach to climate change.”
Climate Risks and Carbon Prices: Revising the Social Cost of Carbon
The U.S. government’s estimate of the social cost of carbon is flawed, according to this Economics for Equity & Environment (E3) Network report.
The Greenest Building: Quantifying the Environmental Value of Building Reuse
This study concludes that, when comparing buildings of equivalent size and function, building reuse almost always offers environmental savings over demolition and new construction.

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