Advocacy and Policy Reform 


Political, social and systemic barriers often prevent individuals and communities from creating positive change. Advocacy and policy reform can help bring about meaningful progress on the world’s more complex problems.


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examples of ways to support advocacy and
policy reform
  • Fund efforts to address climate change and protect the environment
  • Support food security and land rights
  • Support efforts to defend human rights
  • Support advocacy efforts focused on U.S. foreign aid
The Seattle Foundation evaluated organization
Success Story
Grassroots International Partnership Gives Access to Clean Water
Brazil has more than 10 million people without regular access to clean and safe drinking water. Many of these people live in Northeastern Brazil and for years have struggled to survive without support from national public policymakers. With the support of Grassroots International and Polo Sindical, an association of rural unions, the region now has hope for access to clean water through a community-driven project to provide low-cost water cisterns to families. The groups building the cisterns organized and lobbied and now the federal government is helping to finance cistern production. What started as a self-help movement with limited resources has now become a national policy – embodied in the Million Cistern Project that will provide drinking water to 5 million people.
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