Capacity Building 


Local leadership development, disaster preparedness, stronger regional health systems—these are all ways to make a longer-term impact in communities around the world. Donors can support capacity-building efforts either by funding direct-service organizations or by funding intermediaries that partner with local people and organizations.


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examples of ways to support capacity building
  • Support disaster preparedness and mitigation
  • Support economic development, social enterprise and access to credit
  • Improve health access and systems
  • Support social entrepreneurship and leadership development
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Success Story
Agros International Provides Economic Opportunity for Chili Farmers
More than 75 percent of people living in extreme poverty around the world are living and working in rural areas where economic opportunities are limited. Through leadership and technical training, infrastructure development, enterprise loans and land ownership, Agros International helped families in six Agros communities in rural Nicaragua to cultivate and grow Tabasco chili peppers. The villagers then applied the training they received from the Agros technical staff to pursue and negotiate a contract with Chilies of Nicaragua, a major supplier to a U.S. pepper sauce company. Learning new techniques, gaining experience negotiating with an exporter, and receiving a fair price for their crops has contributed to increased confidence and income for the chili farmers and their families.
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