Poverty Alleviation 


You can help alleviate poverty by supporting projects that address basic needs around the world. While you may also consider longer-term, sustainable funding options through Capacity Building or Advocacy and Policy Reform, there are still immediate needs around the world that require support such as access to clean water, housing and health care.


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examples of ways to give to help alleviate poverty
  • Support projects that provide access to clean water
  • Support relief work in refugee camps around the world
  • Help communities build short- and long-term housing
  • Invest in immunizations programs globally
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Success Story
Water 1st International Saves Lives with Clean Water Infrastructure
Across the globe, one billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion are without latrine facilities. This lack of water and sanitation causes water-related illnesses that kill five million people each year – primarily children under the age of five. One such tragedy occurred in El Socorro, Honduras, where Soylachica Cerran lost her 19-month-old son to a sudden fever likely caused by the hazardous water and sanitation conditions that once plagued her community. When Water1st International arrived in El Socorro, Soylachica worked alongside them in her community to excavate the land, dig the trenches, and carry the pipes in preparation for their new water project. While she was unable to save her son, Soylachica looks forward to a healthy future for the rest of her children and those of the other families in El Socorro.
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