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Education and outreach around healthcare can galvanize people from the grassroots to the upper reaches of government to help reform our unsustainable and inequitable healthcare system. Ensuring that existing programs are not only used, but also improved, helps strengthen health services, improving the health of individuals and our communities.


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tactics for giving to strengthen healthcare organizational capacity
  • Integrate and coordinate systems to improve delivery of timely, cost-effective quality care
  • Promote awareness and education about healthcare reform
  • Prepare for early stages of healthcare reform implementation
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Success Story
Building Awareness of the Need for Healthcare Reform
CodeBlueNow! raises awareness about the need for healthcare reform, educates the public about the possibilities of a workable healthcare system, and then encourages public action toward tangible change. The organization’s Voters’ Healthcare Platform draws from market research as well as grassroots public opinion data collected from more than 6,000 survey participants across the country.
Stay Informed:

County Health Rankings
The County Health Rankings study examines factors such as life expectancy and smoking rates to determine a county's health and helps policymakers see a clearer picture of the needs of their communities.
Children’s Alliance
The Children’s Alliance advocates for policies to improve the lives of children.
The Health of Washington State
The Health of Washington State, 2007 assesses health status and related topics that are important to the Washington State Department of Health’s mission of protecting and improving health in Washington.
Washington ranks 14 in nation in overall health
Washington state ranks No. 14 in the country in overall health, according to the latest America's Health Rankings survey. 
Social and Health Indicators Across King County
The Communities Count Partnership is committed to improving community health and well-being through information advocacy—providing accurate and timely reports on conditions that matter to King County residents.
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