Neighborhoods & Communities 

Neighborhoods and Communities 

There is no singular King County. We are a region made of an array of neighborhoods and wonderfully diverse communities.


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Support organizations or programs that increase civic engagement, develop local leadership, or encourage community organizing and advocacy
Support organizations or programs that build relationships and trust within and across communities (geographic and non-geographic)
The Seattle Children's PlayGarden »The PlayGarden's partners with the City of Seattle to give children with special needs the freedom and support to play and have fun.
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Historic Seattle Preservation Foundation »Historic Seattle preserves, owns and manages buildings. It also presents tours, lectures, fairs and workshops. Historic Seattle takes a leadership role in educating policy makers on the effects of proposals and the need for preservation alternatives.
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American Friends Service Committee - West Region »The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has worked for peace and social justice in Seattle for 70 years.
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Success Story
Turning an Empty Lot into a Place for Celebration
Pomegranate Center works with rural and urban communities to create common spaces and develop a stronger sense of identity. These projects reach beyond beautification to promote interaction and cohesion among residents. The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department hired Pomegranate to work with the South Park community to develop a plan for turning a lot on top of a landmark hill into a place for celebration and play. Pomegranate also worked with the city of Duvall on its Main Street design.
Nationwide, Community Development Corporations (CDCs) generate an annual average of 86,000 housing units, nearly 9 million square feet of commercial space, and 75,000 jobs.
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Transit Oriented Development that's Healthy, Green & Just
This Puget Sound Sage report provides evidence that gentrification is happening in the Valley, meaning new people with higher incomes have been moving into Rainier Valley and station-area land value and rents are on the rise.
The Geography of Opportunity
This report explores how low-income groups and racial and ethnic populations are situated within King County’s geography of opportunity.
Greater Seattle Civic Health Index
Seattle CityClub's Greater Seattle Civic Health Index uses census data and analysis provided by the National Conference on Citizenship (and supplemented with local data), with analysis provided by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.
Seattle ranks third in nation on vitality index
Creative Cities International has released its Vitality Index rankings for the top U.S. cities. Seattle stands strong at number 3, preceded by New York and Chicago and followed by San Francisco and Boston.
Shifting Population Changes the Face of King County
Even as Seattle's minority population barely held over the past decade, the percentage of people of color swelled in the suburbs of South King County, where newly arriving immigrants and former Seattle residents converged to form majority populations in SeaTac, Renton, Kent and Tukwila. (Seattle Times)

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