Neighbor to Neighbor 


Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N)
Small Grants Program 
Application deadline: Quarterly
(Jan. 15, Apr. 15, Jul. 15
& Oct. 15)
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The Neighbor to Neighbor Small Grants Program (N2N) provides technical assistance and makes small grants to community-based organizations located in South Seattle, White Center and Kent. N2N supports grassroots efforts that increase engagement, power, and influence of community members affected by poverty and racial disparities. We believe that supporting these efforts will ultimately lead to greater economic and social equity. Neighbor to Neighbor is particularly interested in supporting organizations that are led by community members and that may have limited access to traditional sources of funding. 

Results We Are Working Towards

Increased Capacity
  • Grassroots organizations increase resident engagement and mobilization 
  • N2N advisory members effectively support community priorities
Increased Connections
  • Strong networks and relationships within and/or among communities
Increased Influence
  • Greater community influence on practices, programs, neighborhood initiatives and policies that lead to social and economic equity
  • N2N advisory members influence funders and policy makers by sharing effective practices and profiling our work
Increased Resources
  • Increased funding and resources for N2N grantees

What N2N Funds

N2N supports grassroots efforts that lead to increased engagement, power and influence of community members affected by poverty and racial disparities.

Examples of grassroots efforts that N2N will fund:

  • Programs that build leadership among diverse low income community members to organize and lead positive change in their communities. This can include training, coaching, or matching leaders with projects.
  • Programs that mobilize diverse low income community members to work with others to take action or advocate for policy change. This can include surveys or focus groups to identify issues, advocacy training, or direct organizing.
  • Programs that build trust and relationships within and among diverse community members with a goal of increasing equity and improving the community. This can include planned gatherings, community conversations, or cross cultural exchanges and trainings.
  • Programs that build partnerships and coalitions among diverse groups and institutions to work together for more equitable neighborhoods. This can include building new or strengthening existing partnerships.

Funding Eligibility and Criteria

Required in order to apply:

  1. Applicant must have 501(c)(3) status or be fiscally sponsored by another tax exempt organization.
  2. Applicant must have a presence in South Seattle, White Center and Kent. South Seattle is defined as areas south of Interstate 90, west of Lake Washington, and north of Seattle’s southern border. White Center is defined as the unincorporated area between the cities of Burien and Seattle.
  3. Applicant’s mission demonstrates a clear purpose to address economic and racial disparities.
  4. Prior N2N grantees must have submitted a final report for past funding before applying again.

Applicants will be selected based on how well they meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicant has a limited budget, generally under $200K, and has not received significant grants or contracts. N2N is particularly interested in supporting organizations that may have limited access to traditional sources of funding.
  2. Applicant can demonstrate its ties to the community it proposes to engage (such as through membership, governance, board and staff leadership, partnerships, and/or engagement of community members in decision making).
  3. Proposal clearly describes how community members are involved in planning, leading, and implementing the project.
  4. Applicant can show the impact of its work to date that has led to the increased engagement, power, or influence of low-income communities and communities of color.
  5. Proposal has a clear and culturally appropriate strategy to engage targeted community members and can show how this will increase their leadership, ability to improve their community, and ownership of the community work.
  6. Proposal has 1-3 clear outcomes or results and a specific work plan to achieve them within the timeframe proposed.
  7. Proposal is realistic and achievable within the budget limitations.


N2N awards grants on a quarterly basis. The deadlines for submitting applications are January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15. Organizations are eligible for funding once per calendar year.

Application Instructions

Step One: Contact N2N’s Program Consultant, Judy de Barros, to ensure that you are a strong fit for our current funding strategies. Please contact or call (206) 234-2456.

Step Two: If eligible, the second step is to download and complete the N2N application. Technical assistance is available. If appropriate, staff may assist you on a longer term basis in helping you plan your project, identify a fiscal sponsor, write your proposal, or connect you to other available resources in the community.

Step Three: Once your application is completed, the third step is to submit it, by the quarterly deadlines to The Seattle Foundation. Please send completed applications electronically to or mail a copy to:

Neighbor to Neighbor
The Seattle Foundation
1200 5th Ave, Ste 1300
Seattle, WA 98101

Once your proposal has been received, we may meet with members of your organization to discuss your request.

If you have any questions about the N2N application process, please contact Judy de Barros at