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While many organizations fill the critical need of rescuing and rehoming animals after abuse and neglect have occurred, Art for Animals’ Sake’s focus is on preventing animal cruelty through education.  Building upon most young people’s natural affinity for animals, AFAS reinforces this instinct through arts education programs.  Working in conjunction with programs that support underserved youth, Art for Animals’ Sake works to prevent animal abuse by teaching respect for all living creatures.

Mission Statement
Art for Animals’ Sake’s mission is to prevent the neglect and abuse of animals and reduce the relinquishment of animal companions into the shelter system by teaching animal compassion and humane care to young adults through arts instruction. 
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Art for Animals' Sake Programs

Education Program
AFAS is developing creative programs which educate youth about responsible animal guardianship while helping to fill the increasing void in public school arts curriculum. 

AFAS conducts monthly workshops with Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS), an organization that provides support and services to Seattle area homeless youth and young adults, many of whom are accompanied by their pets. This program serves some of the most vulnerable members of our community. 

AFAS workshops are taught by local artists who guide the participants through art projects with an animal compassion theme. The workshops also feature representatives from animal rescue organizations who provide participants with valuable resources which help them to keep their animal companions safe and out of shelters. The ultimate goal of the workshops is to create pride in the creative process while facilitating a dialogue about responsible animal guardianship.

Original Website Content
AFAS covers issues pertaining to animal welfare.  Our contributors investigate issues and cover legislation that affects animals and those who care about their welfare.

Promotion of Emerging Artists
We feel that the same open-mindedness and empathy that often drives artistic expression is related to compassion for those creatures who cannot speak for themselves.  AFAS provides a venue for artists to display their work and participate in highly visible events which also benefit animals.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Our monthly workshops with Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets have been a great success. Participants have been returning each month to work in a new artistic medium while gaining valuable information which will keep their pets safe and well cared for.  

The inaugural workshop in January focused on painted pet portraits. Participants had the space and guidance to explore their relationship with their animal companion while gaining confidence in self-expression. Each participant completed a portrait that was later sold at silent auction to raise money for their organization.  

Needs: Funds to further develop and expand our educational programs, art supplies, office materials, sponsors.


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