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We are an all-volunteer agency of about 100 members with no paid staff. All ALS services are planned, managed, staffed, and evaluated by trained volunteers. Last year or rate of return to the Seattle community was an impressive 83%. ALS operates under a rigorous set of guidelines mandated by our national organization. After the completion of each fiscal year we are required, as a condition of our charter, to submit a detailed review of all activities and finances. Our work is almost entirely focused on advancing the education of low-income children, youth and adults. All three of our major programs share this focus because we believe that education is the best and most lasting answer to generational poverty and the poverty of spirit that afflicts so many of our neighbors.

Mission Statement
To put caring and commitment into action through community-based philanthropic programs.
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Assistance League of Seattle Programs

Our largest program is called Operation School Bell. Operation School Bell provides new school clothing, shoes and hygiene supplies for disadvantaged children K through 5th grade. These children are identified by Family Support Workers who work in the schools and are employed by Seattle School District.  They bring them in to our “store” where they are outfitted with clean new clothes of their choosing.  Studies have shown over and over that when a child feels secure and good about themselves that they stay in school, concentrate on their school work, and excel.  This is the goal of this program.

Another important ALS program is called Financial Aid for Education (FAFE). FAFE is our oldest philanthropic effort and has been in continuous operation since 1967.  FAFE provides funding for low-income Community College students to pay for tuition, books, and fees. There are a number of excellent programs that help low-income students to attain four-year college degrees. Far fewer resources are available to Community College students, yet two-year college programs represent the best cost-to-benefit value in education today.

We also offer the Enrichment Scholarship Program (ESP). The Enrichment Scholarship Program provides financial resources to talented and motivated Seattle students so that they may seek out and take part in learning experiences that will advance their education and further their development in the arts, sciences, and leadership.  The program is targeted to low-income students lacking the means to pursue these opportunities on their own.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

In the last few years the need for Operation School Bell has grown so that we outgrew our building to accomodate all the children who needed us.  To this end we purchased the small house next door and installed a thrift store there so that that we could raise more money for our programs as well as accomodate the growing need from Seattle students for Operation School Bell.  This has been a very sucessful move for us and we accomplished both afore mentioned goals.

We always need volunteers to staff the School Bell Program and shop with the children as well as work in the thrift shop to generate revenue for our worthwhile programs.

We also need donations.  Donations of clothing and household goods as well as both corporate and individual monetary donations.


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