AtWork! is a highly supportive and innovative conduit between people with disabilities and mainstream employers in the community. AtWork! approaches its mission from a unique 360-degree perspective. By focusing as much on the employer’s needs as on its’ clients needs, AtWork! designs and create jobs that are valuable and meaningful. AtWork! relies on the generosity of donors who understand that for people with disabilities, a job can mean so much more than a paycheck.

Mission Statement

AtWork!'s mission is to empower people with disabilities to be productive, contributing, and integrated members of their communities.

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Ms. Christina Brandt 
Chief Executive Officer 


AtWork! Programs

Employment Services
AtWork! helps each client plan their pathway to a job and career; completes an assessment of skills, talents, and barriers; provides on-the-job precision teaching and job coaching; then follow along supports for job retention. We find unique opportunities where business needs are satisfied in a job that has been "customized" to match the talents of a particular job candidate. This approach is a win/win, meeting both the needs of the person with disabilities and the business.

AtWork! serves high school students with a variety of intellectual, sensory, emotional, and physical disabilities who are transitioning from school to work . We are known for our services to people with very complex and multiple disabilities, people often turned away from other agencies as unemployable. Working in partnership with school personnel, we are 98% successful in securing jobs for the students we serve BEFORE they graduate.

Businesses Powered By AtWork!
In AtWork!'s  commercial services, people with disabilities have an opportunity to develop skills in document management, packaging, assembly, landscaping and recycling. Learning workplace behaviors of punctuality, team building and focus helps individuals to create a resume of success that prepares them for a job in the community. Each business creates income for clients it employs and profit to support AtWork!'s mission of serving people with disabilities.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

In 2014 AtWork! placed 57 people in jobs, our best year ever, and our fifth year-over-year increase. Also in 2014, 38 businesses decided to hire their first employee with disabilities. We are now supporting more than 200 people in jobs throughout King and Snohomish Counties, making an average of $11.73 per hour.  More businesses are recognizing the benefits of employing people with disabilities to employee morale, customer loyalty, and the bottom-line.  

Research shows that 80% of students with disabilities who leave school without a job in place fail to achieve integrated employment as an adult. People with disabilities who don’t have a stable support system are less to retain their job after placement. The state continues to adjust how funding is calculated, so new supports are needed to help clients find jobs; as well as to keep the jobs secure long-term. People with complex disabilities are often the first to be cut because they are considered to be the least employable. With natural, unpaid, and paid supports, everyone can work and contribute. The challenge is to find and bring together the resources so that no one is left behind.


AtWork! Serves people with developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, and cognitive delays.

Use of Best Practices
Clients learn community job preparedness though practical skill development such as document management, packaging, assembly, and landscaping. Once a person graduates from the AtWork! training program, the agency functions as a liaison between employers and employees and provides ongoing support to both parties as needed. Staff use a variety to means to help clients be successful in their employment. Adaptive technology is used to assist with communication and intellectual impairments.

Proven Success
AtWork! is a nationally recognized leader in the field of integrated employment. They recently received a grant to provide mentoring to peer organizations in Oregon and Idaho. AtWork! began closing sheltered workshops and introducing community based, supported employment in 2006. They had their most successful year placing 33 people in jobs at 20 new employment sites.

AtWork! is a member of The Collaborative, a new consortium of six King County employment programs for developmentally disabled adults. The goal of The Collaborative is to reduce competition for employers, share job development leads, and build relationships within the sector. A benefit of this work is the ability for member organizations to work together to place some of their hardest clients in employment opportunities, thanks to shared knowledge and resources.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

12/10/2012 $10,000.00provide general operating support.
9/10/2010 $7,000.00support general operating expenses.
9/17/2008 $20,000.00support general operating expenses.


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