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Atlantic Street Center serves low-income youth and families of color in central Seattle, south Seattle and King County. Education is at the heart of all our services. We help children of all ages to flourish academically, emotionally and socially, while helping them to develop the skills and strengths they need to succeed. In support of the child, we also serve the family by providing a variety of services. All services are free to participants.

Mission Statement
Atlantic Street Center's mission is to help families and communities raise healthy, successful children and youth.
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Atlantic Street Center
2103 S Atlantic St 
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Ms. Edith C. Elion, MSW 
Executive Director 


Atlantic Street Center Programs

Early Learning
The Parent-Child Home Program is a two year home-based program for parents and their 2- and 3-year-old children that promotes language development and school readiness through the use of books and toys. Trained home visitors visit families twice a week and lead sessions with the child and parent using books and toys that the home visitor brings and the family keeps.

Mental Health Services
Mental Health Therapists/Case Managers work one-on-one with children and families to help them identify needs and create action plans for positive changes. Therapists also provide mental health counseling to deal with difficult issues such as depression, trauma recovery, unstable life situations, domestic violence, loss, and abuse. .

Youth and Family Services

Offers activities that increase the personal, educational, and social skills youth and families need to be successful in life.  Services include Academic support (tutoring, homework help and summer school); service learning, including community service projects to encourage youth to give back to the community; social/leadership development skills, which consists of structured activities and support groups to help youth develop their social skills, leadership potential and social responsibility.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Atlantic Street Center is proud to be the recipient of the following awards:

  • Neighborhood Excellence - Neighborhood Builders' Award, Bank of America
  • Social Work Agency of the Year, presented by the National Association of Social Workers, Washington State Chapter and
  • The Families Count Award, National Honors Program, presented by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

We need general funding to support our various programs that reflect children, youth and families in need.


Atlantic Street Center provides education, mental health and support services to the residents of South Seattle.

Use of Best Practices
Atlantic Street Center is a partner with United Way of King County in their Parent Child Home Program, providing in-home early learning education and training to over 200 children and families annually in SE and Central Seattle. Quantitative data has shown a significant increase in the in the frequency of positive behaviors of care givers and children.

Accessibility and Cultural Competency
They have developed successful partnerships with many community organizations to leverage and strengthen their services to African Americans and other communities of color. These strong community partnerships have led to an evolution of services based upon community needs.

During the last quarter of 2011 they eliminated 3 key positions: Communications Coordinator (web and grant manager), Humans Relations Coordinator and the Rainier Beach Family Center Manager. These duties have been temporarily absorbed into roles of existing staff members and they are contracting out some services.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

12/10/2012 $15,000.00support general operating expenses.
3/10/2010 $25,000.00support general operating expenses.
10/18/2007 $50,000.00support general operating expenses.


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