Description at more than 13,000 pages is the largest free online reference center on African American history and the history of the African Diaspora currently on the Internet. makes available to a global audience a wealth of historical information on African America and the global African population in one central online location. As such it provides a new model for the dissemination of knowledge in the 21st century, creating a bridge between the latest academic research and its accessibility to a world wide audience. The website exists to address the centuries-old exclusion of information about black Americans from both traditional historical texts and general public knowledge. is designed with the goal of transforming every computer screen, regardless of its location, into a free classroom in African American history.

Mission Statement is dedicated to providing the inquisitive public with comprehensive, reliable, and accurate information concerning the history of African Americans and people of African ancestry in other regions of the world. It is the aim of the founders and sponsors to foster understanding through knowledge in order to generate constructive change in our society.
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Programs Programs has a number of features of value to students, senior scholars, researchers, and the curious public. They include an online encyclopedia of more than 6,000 original entries on significant but little know people and events written by 600 volunteer contributors from six continents. These entries describe the people, places, institutions, events, and episodes which have and continue to shape African American history. Many of the entries are about well-known individuals such as Harriet Tubman and W.E.B. Du Bois. however is unique among African American history websites in that it also profiles little known but significant individuals and organizations. In Washington state, for example, the Christian Friends for Racial Equality, pioneer settler George Bush, and world renowned science fiction writer Octavia Butler, are all described on

The website also features the complete transcript of over 200 speeches given by prominent African Americans between 1789 and 2013, over 120 full text primary documents including court decisions, laws, government reports and executive orders. Its five bibliographies list more than 5,000 books and its six gateway pages link to 50 digital archive collections in major universities, 120 museums and research centers, and nearly 500 other website resources in African American history. Its timelines are recognized as the best on African American history on the Internet. This vast and growing array of information is maintained by a staff of dedicated volunteers in Seattle and across the United States.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

The success of can be best measured by the number of people who use the website. It averages more than 100,000 users per month. In 2012 the website crossed the 10 million mark in life-of-site visitors since its launch on February 1, 2007. has received awards from the Association of King County (Washington) Historical Organizations (AKCHO) as well as honors from the American Library Association and the New York Public Library. Janice Graham, the host of the Boston-based nationally syndicated radio show, Our Common Ground, recently recommended to her listening audience by describing it as "a virtual treasure of our history and past as a people".


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