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The Brain Injury Association of Washington (BIAWA) provides free services to those whose lives are affected by brain injury within the state of Washington. Services include Support Groups for those with brain injuries and their caregivers, Pediatric Resource Management, Clinical Case Management, Information and Referral, Resource Management, Special Social Events, Professional Trainings, Political Advocacy, and much more!

Mission Statement
The Brain Injury Association of Washington is determined that no one who has survived a brain injury or been affected by another person's injury should have to face their condition alone. Our vision is a world where brain injury is prevented, and every person already affected by its impact benefits from resources that maximize his/her quality of life. Our mission is to increase public awareness, support, and hope for those affected by brain injury through education, assistance, and advocacy.
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Deborah Crawley 
Executive Director 


The Brain Injury Association of Washington Programs

The Washington TBI Resource Line                      
Resource Line Specialists are available on our statewide toll free Resource Line from 9AM until 5PM Monday through Friday.  We assist our callers as they face the myriad of obstacles that arise as a result of brain injuries.  We constantly strive to provide the optimum level of compassionate care and view every caller’s needs as worthy of our devotion.                       

Resource Management                           
Resource Management is a free service offered to persons with Traumatic Brain Injuries as well as their families and caregivers.   Resource Managers help connect individuals to resources and support in the community.  They aim to improve the quality of life for persons with Traumatic Brain Injury by assisting them and their families to “fill in the gaps” of the services they need.                     

Pediatric Resource Management                 
The Pediatric Resource Manager (PRM) supports pediatric brain injury patients and their families with their reintegration  into their home communities during and subsequent to their discharge process.  Patient and family centered individualized assistance is designed to manage resources that meet the needs of children and youth while enhancing the caregiving capabilities of families.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Through our Clinical Case Management services, the BIAWA was able to help a man with a brain injury to navigate the social services system, which he had unsuccessfully tried to do on his own for years prior.  Our Clinical Case Manager explained the system, went with the client to the Social Security Office, and helped him obtain his benefits.               

On April 1, 2012 BIAWA expanded it's pilot Pediatric Resource Management project to cover the entire state of Washington.  For the first time ever Resource Managers are available across the state to support pediatric patients and their families to achieve the highest quality of life possible.


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