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Bridle Trails State Park, 480 acres of trees and trails, is in the heavily urban area of King County with a population of nearly 3 million residents. The Bridle Trails Park Foundation (BTPF) was organized to keep this park open and staffed by the Washington State Parks. Under a 40 year agreement, the BTPF raises funds to pay 50% of the annual operating costs for this park. We serve a diverse user base including runners, hikers, environmentalists, and equestrians throughout King County and visitors across the state.
Mission Statement
The Bridle Trails Park Foundation is a non-profit organization established to preserve, maintain and enhance Bridle Trails State Park.
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Bridle Trails Park Foundation Programs

Working with the park ranger, the BTPF helps maintain 26 miles of trails, recruits and organizes volunteers to remove invasive plants, and establishes interpretative programs to inform local school children and other visitors about the value of an old forest in an urban environment

The BTPF, with the help of the Park Ranger, conducts field trips in the park for people of all ages. K-6 children from surrounding schools visit the park on a continuing basis while plant and animal tours are conducted throughout the spring and fall seasons.

Facility Improvements
Bridle Trails is a unique equestrian / pedestrian park with outdoor horse show facilities and picnic areas for families. These facilities have recently been refurbished and upgraded for the enjoyment of all - including ADA challenged visitors.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

The stewardship and education programs for young people have been embraced by several local schools as a way to link "book" work with actual experience. Young school children have told us their field trip to Bridle Trails State Park was a highlight in their school year.

Washington State's budget issues put great stress on maintaining the WA State Park system. Innovative funding sources have emerged forcing the funding for WA State parks to rely on donations - ie the recent car tab fee. The BTPFoundatipon solution is to create a sustaining / endowment fund to meet our 50% annual support to keep Bridle Trails State Park maintained and staffed by at least one Park Ranger. In addition to meeting our committment to support the annual operating costs, we host an annual "Party in the Park" as a community event to bring families together and reaquaint many with the features of Bridle Trails State Park. This event now attracts over 2,000 attendees.


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Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

10/18/2007 $3,000.00support general operating expenses.


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