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Cancer Lifeline provides comprehensive support and financial services to all individuals affected by cancer. We walk alongside patients, friends, family members and caregivers as they navigate their own journey with cancer. Since 1973, Cancer Lifeline has addressed the emotional, spiritual, physical and financial components of living with the disease.  All of Cancer Lifeline programs and services are 100% free of charge and are made possible by donor support.  Cancer Lifeline offers quality support services state-wide through generous private funding and partnerships with local hospitals including Valley Medical Center, Evergreen Hospital and Northwest Medical Center.  Our 24-Hour Lifeline is a place support for anyone touched by cancer, including patients, friends, families, or co-workers.  Trained staff and volunteers are available to provide warm, non-judgmental listening, support, and information over the phone at your convenience, 7 days a week anywhere in the country.
Mission Statement
To optimize the quality of life for all people living with cancer.
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Cancer Lifeline
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Angela Beard, Ph.D. 
Executive Director 


Cancer Lifeline Programs

24-Hour Lifeline
The cornerstone of our services is the telephone “Lifeline” which provides emotional support and information for patients, survivors, friends, family members and co-workers, all living with cancer. This service is provided at no charge, and utilizes trained volunteers and clinical staff. The telephone Lifeline is available to anyone touched by cancer, 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week. The Lifeline is particularly effective in serving rural populations, who may have little or no access to other services.

Financial Navigation:
Cancer Lifeline's Patient Assistance Fund provides limited financial aid to low-income non breast cancer patients to help with basic needs such as housing, groceries and utilities, so they can stay in treatment.  Cancer Lifeline also administers the Puget Sound Komen Patient Assistance Fund,  which provides financial support to low-income breast cancer patients.  Our staff also works to help cancer patient stay in treatment by providing resources to help meet basic needs or access medical care including medications, health insurance, co-pays or transportation to treatment. 

Support Groups, Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops
Cancer Lifeline provides over 16 support groups for ongoing patient and family support needs. Classes and workshops are adapted to meet the needs of cancer patients and survivors in all stages of treatment and recovery. Our Creative Expression classes offers a range of writing, visual arts, crafts and nature classes that support personal exploration. Our Health Promotion program includes gentle exercise, meditation and nutrition classes.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Since 1973, Cancer Lifeline has successfully supported our community members when they are the most vulnerable. 

Last year, Cancer Lifeline provided over 15,000 points of support to people living with cancer and held over 1000 support groups, classes and workshops combined.

For those who are living on the "edge" financially, a cancer diagnosis can be financially and emotionally devastating. With the healthcare landscape changing, calls to our Lifeline continue to increase especially as the economic recovery takes longer and more people are faced with a cancer diagnosis, and no insurance. 

Now more than ever, Cancer Lifeline's services are needed as we are often the only lifeline a person has. Cancer Lifeline is 100% privately funded. Gifts to Cancer Lifeline will allow us to continue providing physical, emotional, spiritual and financial support for all people touched by cancer - at no charge.


Cancer Lifeline provides non-medical care that supports all people affected by cancer in gaining support, education, assurance and control of their lives.

Proven Success
Their work is centered on four principles that people living with cancer deserve: choice and control; information; opportunities to express feelings without judgment; and inclusion, not isolation. These services are even more critical to economically disadvantaged people, whose choice and control is often times more limited due to lack of information and accessibility to comprehensive support services. Cancer Lifeline’s programs are easily accessible and they try to reach everyone that could benefit from their services. They primarily provide services at their headquarters at Green Lake and at hospitals with which they partner as well as through the toll-free Cancer Lifeline that is available to all residents of Washington.

Use of Best Practices
Their services are evidence-based, and are based on feedback from clients. Their continuum of programs are delivered through a blend of professional services and a personalized approach that help people identify and access the services along that continuum that best support their needs. Their goal is to address what cancer takes away: health, hope, independence, community, joy and, often, the sense of balance and inner harmony.

Financial Health
Cancer Lifeline is focused on maintaining current, and developing new revenue sources from individuals, corporations and foundations. The economic environment has been challenging. They have been able to continue to deliver programs and services free of charge to clients, without any reduction in programs due to their reduction in expenses and borrowing from their endowment. They created a balanced budget for 2012. The Board’s long-term intent is to repay some of the principle that was used during the height of the recession.

Cancer Lifeline hired a new executive director in February 2011. Since that time he focus has been on organizational restructuring in order to reduce staffing and operational costs, and increasing revenue through donor cultivation and retention. They are celebrating their 40th Anniversary next year.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

12/10/2007 $25,000.00support the Renovation and Capital Project.


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