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CWU educates more than 11,300 students (92% of them Washington residents) each year.  While a majority of these students attend classes in Ellensburg, many others enroll at one of seven centers, including four in the Puget Sound region, or take classes online.  Almost 80% of CWU students receive financial aid, over 28% are from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and approximately 75% are from the “Westside,” where they often return to live and work after graduation. CWU graduates are prepared to excel in graduate programs or enter the workforce with good-paying jobs in their fields of expertise.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Central Washington University Foundation (CWUF) is to solicit, secure and steward private financial support for the colleges, programs, priorities and students of Central Washington University (CWU).  The CWUF ensures that all funds contributed are used as intended by the donor or granting agency.
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Central Washington University Foundation Programs

The hallmarks of the undergraduate education experience at CWU are small class size, one-on-one interactions between students and professors, and a mentored research project in one's field of study. To provide CWU students with these educational opportunities and the resources that they need to succeed in college and beyond, the CWUF works closely with university leadership, including volunteers, to identify institutional priorities and develop strategies for funding those priorities. As the amount of state support for public universities has plummeted in recent years, contributions and investments from individual donors and other sources of private funding such as corporations and grant-making foundations have become increasingly important.

To sustain access and continue to improve the quality of post-secondary education for all students in the state of Washington, CWUF seeks private support for the following ongoing priorities:
  • Student Support: funds for scholarships, research and internship opportunities, student success programs, etc.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: capital funds for laboratories, cutting-edge technologies, equipment, etc.  (Student access to these resources is essential for producing graduate school and career-ready graduates).
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention: funds for endowed positions, start-up packages, professional development, etc.
As a donor, you can direct funding towards any of these general priorities or to specific programs, projects, faculty members, etc. Contact us and we will provide you with the detailed information that you need to make a decision.  Let us know who or what you would like to support and we will make sure that your contribution furthers your goals and objectives.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Last year, CWU asked donors to contribute to the purchase of a flow cytometer, an essential piece of equipment that would allow hundreds of students and a dozen faculty members to conduct advanced biological research. The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust had provided an $89,000 challenge grant to launch the effort. We are now thrilled to report that thanks to a donation from The Seattle Foundation and a grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation, a flow cytometer has been purchased and will be installed this spring!

This spring, CWU will also begin construction of the Science Phase II building, scheduled to open in fall 2015. This 108,000 square-foot facility will provide students and faculty in the Departments of Physics and Geological Sciences with modern classrooms and laboratories (current facilities were built in the 1930s and 40s). It will also house a new observatory with a 40” aperture telescope (replacing one installed in 1967). The new building will be home to the Center for Excellence in Science and Math Education, thus ensuring that CWU science has an impact far beyond campus. Science II will complete the transformation of science facilities at CWU, joining Science I (opened in 1999) and Dean Hall (complete renovation 2008) in the southwest quadrant of campus (aka the “Science Neighborhood”).

While the State has committed $67 million for the construction/infrastructure costs of Science II, CWU is launching a major effort to secure funding for the high-end technologies needed in the teaching/research laboratories and the new observatory. If you would like information about how to get involved in this and other projects at CWU, please contact Scott Wade, Executive Director, or Jeff Ellis, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, at the CWUF.



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