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Since 1896, Children’s Home Society of Washington has worked to improve the lives of children and families throughout Washington state. Today, we stand as the largest statewide children’s nonprofit organization by providing a comprehensive network of care to 39,000 children and families each year.

Our communities rely heavily on our services that build nurturing and stable families; foster effective parenting; improve school readiness; develop social and emotional competence; and work to keep children safe and secure. By meeting these needs, we put families on the path toward self-sufficiency, build stronger communities and help create a world where all children thrive.

Mission Statement
To develop healthy children, create strong families, build engaged communities, and speak and advocate for children.
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Children's Home Society of Washington Programs

A nationally recognized and accredited agency, Children’s Home Society of Washington offers the highest quality of services for children and families to face life’s most difficult challenges. Our continuum of care ranges from support and prevention services to intervention and treatment programs. After a century of service, we continue to evolve and adapt programs to meet the growing and diverse needs of children and families while remaining committed to our mission and vision.

Children’s Home Society of Washington focuses on strengthening families in the home (early learning, family support, child and family counseling, and advocacy) and children when they cannot remain with their birth parents (adoption, out-of-home/foster care). These life-changing programs are offered free of charge or at low cost.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

The Great Recession has challenged our children, families and communities in every conceivable way. Agency-wide, staff continue to serve more struggling families who need help meeting their most basic needs. These turbulent years have seen many families walk through our doors for the first time looking for compassion, care and understanding.

Nichole’s story is one of the many examples of parents seeking our services in times of hardship. In 2012, Nichole lost her job and was experiencing delays with her unemployment benefits. As a result, she was unable to pay her rent and utilities on time and faced growing late fees and disconnections while trying to manage a single-parent household.

She was directed to Children’s Home Society of Washington to seek assistance. Nichole found a caring network of staff that treated her with respect and wanted to get her on the path toward self-sufficiency.

“What I appreciated most was the fact that they did not simply give me monetary assistance,” Nichole said. “Children’s Home Society of Washington genuinely wanted to make sure I had a plan and provisions regarding a successful start as well as getting me ‘back on my feet.’”

A staff member devoted time to speak with Nichole one-on-one about her challenges and gave her the direction she needed. She now has a permanent job.

 Nichole’s story represents one of many during our 117-year history where we made a positive impact. Because of you, we have continued to strengthen families and provide children with the love and support they deserve. We appreciate your support—now and in the future.


Children’s Home Society of Washington is the largest statewide children’s nonprofit organization and provides a full continuum of support for families in their efforts to raise healthy children. Services are based on the concepts of empowerment, parent involvement, and community partnership. Each center has adaptive programming that can be evaluated on an on-going basis to respond to community-identified unmet needs.

Proven Success
CHSW has been a leader in Early Learning and Family Support services. It offers high quality and results-oriented services and is committed to pursuing best practices in the field. Children and family programs encourage community connections by building relationships and trust within and across communities to reduce social isolation and help participants build social networks. Programs are designed to encourage collective participation, develop local leadership, and promote neighborhood organizing, while facilitators connect residents to resources and local leaders to create change for their families and community.

The North Seattle and Auburn Family Resource Centers create inviting community spaces and engage diverse individuals, families, and organizations from the surrounding neighborhoods. Both Centers serve very low-income residents who represent a diverse range of racial, ethnic and cultural groups including African, African Americans, Asian, Eastern European, Latinos, Middle Eastern, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and recent immigrants and refugees from various countries. Staff diversity reflects the community they serve allowing the organization to provide resources that are appropriate to families’ language, literacy, cultural values, and acculturation levels.

Children’s Home Society of Washington has served children and families in our state for more than 115 years and has remained resilient and responsive in a volatile economic environment. CHSW Board of Trustees and senior leadership have adopted a conservative budget to maintain lean but efficient administrative and program operations.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

6/10/2012 $15,000.00support general operating expenses.
12/10/2010 $27,000.00support general operating expenses.
10/5/2006 $2,200.00support the purchase of equipment for the indoor play park at Key Peninsula Family Resource Center.
6/16/2005 $35,000.00support general operating expenses.


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