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Through a holistic approach that focuses on community and family, CISC provides an array of comprehensive services and programs that are bi-lingual, bi-cultural and developmentally appropriate for the healthy development of immigrants and their families. Programs are multi-generational providing early learning preschool and home visiting, school readiness, youth after-school academic support and bi-cultural identity programs, adult education including crime prevention and victim assistance, ESL classes, family counseling, elder services and caregiver support, multilingual computer training, in-home case management, health monitoring for active seniors, information, referral, translation and interpretation, arts and exhibitions, celebrations of traditional Asian festivals and advocacy & support to engage immigrants and their families in their community creating attachment, opportunity and better long-term health outcomes.  Bi-lingual, bi-cultural staff engage over 20,000 members of the community through programs and services while 450 volunteers provide more than 8,500 hours of service each year to CISC.

Mission Statement
CISC helps Asian and other immigrants transition to their new life while staying connected to their rich heritage. We provide comprehensive,culturally appropriate and developmentally relevant services to a multi-generational, diverse community.
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Chinese Information and Service Center
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Dorothy Wong 
Executive Director 


Chinese Information and Service Center Programs

Immigrant transition programs help non-English speakers understand and navigate American culture, and systems with comprehensive information and assistance such as; crime prevention education, crime victims assistance, health insurance benefits counseling, ESL classes and much more!.

Family programs with multi-generational impact - including preschool and youth programs that enhance academic achievement and bi-cultural identity, bilingual parent education and family counseling, and elder services and caregiver support increasing health and resilience.

Programs to prepare adults and youth for success including multilingual computer training.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

CISC’s Sunshine Garden Chinese Senior Community Center brings community members age 50+  to a welcoming environment that promotes health, emotional well-being and life-long learning through activity and social support. Many activities provide health care; exercise; nutrition workshops; interest groups; learning about volunteer activities; or volunteering at CISC to share knowledge and experience with youth. Seniors help youth stay connected to their rich heritage through celebrations that bring a multi-generational community together.

Mrs. Lin, aged 92 is a member of the Sunshine Garden community for 20 years. She felt so lonely after the death of her husband though she lived with her loving family members after emigrating from China. She rode the bus for more than an hour to Sunshine Garden where she’s found friendship; socialization and exercise. She finally asked her family to help her find an apartment closer to her friends and the Sunshine Garden Senior Community Center. 

Now at 92 she is not as spry as before, but she joins her friends and the Sunshine Garden Family twice a week.  She says, "Sunshine Garden is my second home. Coming here is like medicine. When I come here I do not need to take my medicine for my leg pain.” Friends and community make a difference for her and she believes her activity helps her keep the illnesses of old age away.  

This new Senior Community Center program can serve up to 440 seniors through a combination of activities conducted at the center and other outreach sites throughout Seattle. Senior members are mostly very low income and limited English speaking. We rely on donors to help us maintain the capacity of this program that promotes seniors' health, independence, fellowship, and lifelong learning.


Chinese Information and Service Center (CISC) provides culturally appropriate resources for families in need and opportunities for community members to celebrate cultural traditions across generations.

CISC is led by a well-respected executive director and dedicated board. Their internal capacity has also been strengthened in the past few years with the addition of development and finance positions.

Accessibility and Cultural Competency
CISC’s programs target individuals with limited English proficiency and lower household incomes. While their primary focus is Chinese, they also serve other Asian immigrant populations. When it fits within CISC’s mission and is in the best interest of the greater community, they also serve other immigrant populations—primarily on the Eastside.

CISC collaborates with other local service providers, and has contractual relationships with a variety of public agencies.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

6/10/2010 $25,000.00support general operating expenses.
3/10/2008 $40,000.00support general operating expenses.


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