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Communities In Schools of Renton is part of the nation's leading dropout prevention organization resulting in: 

  • higher graduation rates 
  • increased math/reading proficiencies
  • strongest reduction in dropout rates of any dropout prevention program 
CISR Site Coordinators broker resources and address issues which negatively impact student performance by assessing needs, providing personalized services, linking families to basic need resources and helping students/families deal with critical issues of homelessness, violence, death, and other family trauma so each student succeeds in school and life.


Mission Statement
The mission of Communities In Schools of Renton is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.
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Communities In Schools of Renton
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Sue Paro 
Executive Director 


Communities In Schools of Renton Programs

The Mentor Program
The CISR Mentor Program matches adult mentors with children in need of a caring, consistent adult friend.  Our mentors serve as role models and friends, supporting and encouraging a student’s success by spending one hour a week with the student at school. Mentors establish an open and trusting relationship, encourage the child to see school as a positive place, and support their academic success. 
The Mentor Program serves students who have high absenteeism, feel disengaged from school, have difficulty relating to peers positively, and lack positive role models.  We currently serve approximately 200 children but many more are waiting for a mentor. One hour a week will bring consistency, support, and stability to a child’s life. To find out more about becoming a volunteer Mentor in the Renton community:

Site Coordinator Program
Many of the young people we serve are facing challenges both inside and outside the classroom. What sets Communities In Schools apart is the way we coordinate a comprehensive range of services to support the needs of these students so they come to school ready to learn.

Communities In Schools of Renton places a site coordinator in a school to assess needs, make a plan, and coordinate intensive interventions for the kids most at risk for dropping out, along with services geared to the entire school. The site coordinator works with local community service such as social service agencies, businesses, health care providers and volunteers to connect students with needed resources.
  • One-to-one services such as basic needs like food and clothing, physical and mental health care, mentoring, or college and career preparation help individual students overcome barriers to success at school.
  • School-wide offerings such as, free school supplies, college/career exploration, coats, etc. meet broad student needs.
Locally, we track outcomes against rigorous total quality standards. Nationally, independent studies confirm that Communities In Schools offers a cost-effective, evidence-based model for dropout prevention.

Every child has tremendous potential. We help students unlock their abilities and talents, giving them a brighter future.


Program Partnerships/Community Resources
Using the unique model of Communities In Schools, CISR is able to build partnership with community services and leverage resources to better meet the basic human needs of the disadvantaged children and their families in Renton. In this process, CISR becomes the connector between businesses and organizations in the community who want to help others, and the students who desperately need this help. These students along with their siblings will receive school supplies, coats, clothes, food, and much more.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

A teacher referred a family to the CISR Site Coordinator after Parent/Teacher Conferences. During the initial conversation, the Site Coordinator found that the single mom had just lost her job and needed help paying her utility bill in order to keep the power on. The Site Coordinator was able to gather gifts for her two children and give her a donated Fred Meyer gift card in time for the holidays.Through the new emergency fund set up by two local churches, the CISR Site Coordinator was also able to pay a portion of her utility bill so the lights stayed on. When she came to pick up the gifts and check, she started crying. She didn't know what she would have done without the help, and the tears were of appreciation and relief.

In the 2013-2014 school year:

98% of parents/guardians said their ability to help their child succeed in school increased

98% of teachers felt their ability to help their students succeed increased because of CISR

94% of parents reported increased awareness of and access to community resources

92% of teachers indicated students’ behavior improved

93% of all children served improved or maintained their academic performance

95% of students served by CISR were promoted to the next grade level

100% of the students are at risk of dropping out before they graduate


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