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We're keeping it wild in the Northwest! With a 25 year history of strategic, smart, and innovative campaigns and partnerships, Conservation Northwest understands the issues impacting our region’s wildlife and wild places better than anyone.  

We work hard to protect wildlife and habitat because what is good for wildlife is good for people, too. Clean air and water, healthy connected ecosystems, places to live and thrive—it all adds up to a better quality of life. We are a leader in regional conservation efforts, and our expertise lies in creating on-the-ground change to ensure a better future for all of us.

Mission Statement
Conservation Northwest protects and connects old-growth forests and other wild areas from the Washington Coast to the BC Rockies: vital to a healthy future for us, our children, and wildlife.
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Mitch Friedman 
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Conservation Northwest Programs

Our M.O. is simple: Connect the big landscapes, protect the most vulnerable wildlife, and ensure our natural heritage for future generations. With your help, we have created success with some of Washington’s most successful conservation initiatives: The Cascades Conservation Partnership, Loomis Forest Fund, and I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition

Welcoming wildlife back to Washington
Conservation Northwest was there when wolves returned to Washington after 70 years, capturing the very first photos of the Lookout pack in the upper Methow Valley. Since then, we have been on the ground as the voice for collaborative and science-based management of our state’s apex predators.

We also helped reintroduce Pacific fisher to our state and gain federal protections for Canada lynx. We continue to push for grizzly bear recovery in the wilds of the Cascades. Recently, our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project has documented the return of wolverines to the Cascades!

Connecting habitat in the face of climate change
Connected ecosystems are better able to withstand climate change, providing animals room to roam.  Currently, we're connecting the Cascades to the Rockies, via protected grasslands in the Okanogan and federal forests of northeastern Washington’s Columbia Highlands. We also improve wildlife movement in the Cascades by working for wildlife bridges across I-90 and important protections in BC.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Big win for small weasel
The Pacific fisher--a shy member of the weasel family--vanished from Washington more than 70 years ago from hunting and habitat fragmentation. We worked with national and state agencies to reintroduce the fisher to Washington, with successful releases in the Olympic Mountains. Our innovative public-private partnerships protect and preserve Washington's native wildlife successfully. We're looking forward to reintroducing fisher in the Cascades soon as well.

Balance in the woods, with predators
As we connect and protect fragmented landscapes, predators like wolves and wolverines are returning to Washington. While this is a big win for wildlife, our ongoing effort is vital to ensure wildlife wildlife will thrive here.

We organize citizens to speak up for predators, educate the public on their benefits of predators in a balanced wild ecosystem, advise ranchers on ways to protect livestock, and partner with agencies to preserve habitat.

To better understand how wildlife use wild lands and where protections are needed, we also have almost 100 volunteers on the ground monitoring for rare wildlife in vital landscapes.

Your gift today is essential for wildlife, big and small, across Washington. Thank you!


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