CoolMom organizes moms and families to educate one another and make sustainable lifestyle choices to affect climate change. CoolMom fulfills a community need by providing communication hubs for moms and families on the most important topic of our time: climate change. Because our focus and message is by mom to mom, we reach an important constituency in a way that moms and families can understand. CoolMom's goals include influencing families to make sustainable lifestyle choices, raising children to be environmental stewards, reducing families overall carbon emissions, and advocating for positive environmental legislation.

Mission Statement
CoolMom unites moms and families to take action on climate change for a sustainable and healthy future for our children.
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Jemae Hoffman 
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Coolmom Programs

Car Seat Recycling
CoolMom successfully developed a program to collect used car seats through a partnership with local business Goods for the Planet. By collecting used car seats for recycling and keeping these out of the landfill, CoolMom is preventing car seats and their parts from being disposed of in landfills.

We are currently working on a grant with Zero Waste Washington from the Department of Ecology to address the current lack of options for recycling car seats by expanding take-back opportunities in Seattle/King County, increasing the availability and visibility of car seat reuse and recycling, and raising consumer awareness about recycling options.

Local Low Waste Lunch Box
CoolMom developed and rolled out a Local Low Waste lunch box program to raise awareness and encourage families to pack healthy, waste free lunches using local vendors and produce that doesn't have to travel so far to the supermarket.

Think Outside the Car 
CoolMom No-Idle Campaigns engage elementary schools to adopt and maintain no-idle zones in their schools. Our primary goal is to convince car idling care givers who transport children to school to stop idling their cars. We partner with schools and provide educational materials and incentives for parents and their children. In order to change idling behavior, we educate parents and children on the effects of car idling, including: air quality (especially as it impacts children’s health), energy conservation, and the money-saving benefits of gas conservation. Our next step is to start Walking School Bus (WSB) program which promotes healthy transportation choices, reduced carbon emissions and cost savings for families. Similar to No-Idle, Walking School Buses engage schools through PTAs, faculty, and concerned citizens to walk children to school. The goal of the WSB program is to reduce carbon emissions by non-bus riding students and to promote healthier means of transportation.  

Advocacy, Mom Style 
We organize moms and families to stand up to BIG oil and coal producers by rallying moms to contact their local, state and national legislators to support climate change legislation. Our members and their families attend advocacy events, public hearings and educate the public about what each citizen can do to affect climate change policy. 

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

CoolMom shares in the success of the recent passing of Bill 5769. This piece of legislation will transition WA state off of coal by 2025 and the process by which the bill was passed provides a frame work for other states to pass similar legislation. In order for CoolMom to continue to impact climate change, we have to organize a lot of moms and families. Having the right tools and systems to do that is essential. Our needs include hiring staff to be able to expand our existing programs to other schools and families. Our work will never be complete until we start rolling back the carbon emissions from our current levels of 391 parts per million (ppm) to 350 ppm –the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. CoolMom can make a large impact by influencing moms and families to make sustainable lifestyle changes and to advocate for change by influencing legislators to pass strong climate change legislation.


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