CoolMom is the only Washington nonprofit whose purpose is to both reduce carbon footprints and develop female climate leaders. CoolMom is able to get busy moms’ attention because there’s nothing like motherhood to make global warming move from the esoteric to the painfully real. Moms above all others see climate change as a moral imperative. Knowing this, CoolMom engages moms by: 1) providing families with simple solutions for reducing their carbon footprints, and 2) training and inspiring moms and families to raise their powerful voices in support of robust climate policies.

Mission Statement
CoolMom unites moms and families to take action on climate change in order to promote a sustainable and healthy future for our children.
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Cheri Cornell 
Executive Director 


CoolMom Programs

CoolMom advocates--and teaches its members to advocate--for robust climate policies at the local and state level. CoolMoms and CoolKids have testified before the Washington legislature. CoolMom is working with an alliance of other environmental groups to ensure that Washington State adopts a state-wide carbon pricing system and other strong climate policies.

  1. With our Think Outside the Car programs, we focus on the most common and most regular daily commute: from home to school and back. The Walking School Bus program brings neighbors together to safely guide groups of children to school on foot. It serves the dual purpose of enhancing pedestrian safety and bringing community together, all while reducing carbon emissions and making our planet healthier. Walking School Bus has inspired several schools to adopt annual school-wide Walk-to-School Days. Similar to Walk-to-School Days, Bike-to-School Days shine a light on the importance and fun of alternative school transportation. A single Bike-to-School Day can inspire students and parents to bike to school throughout the year. For those days when parents and students must drive to and from school, the No-Idling Campaign emphasizes the importance of turning off engines while waiting to drop off or pick up children at school. Educating parents about the small act of turning off vehicles can make a big difference for the planet and for our children’s future. 
  2. Car Seat Reuse and Recycling: In partnership with Zero Waste Washington and others, CoolMom has successfully diverted 500 car seats from landfills. CoolMom accomplished this by collecting and sending eligible car seats to new families to be reused, and disassembling and recycling the remainder. CoolMom educates parents and communities about car seat reuse/recycling by speaking directly to parents at events, directing families to our car seat reuse/recycling webpage, and publishing and distributing a directory of all of the car seat recycling programs in the US and Canada.
  3. Zero Waste/Zilchables School Events  
    CoolMom, with its partner Zero Waste Washington, has carried the low-waste message a step further and branched into zero-waste school events. CoolMom works with parent leaders to convert major school events to a zero-waste model by using Zilchables compostable serving ware. With minimum effort and maximum benefits, schools continue to host large-scale and beloved community events, while vastly reducing the amount of trash sent to the landfill and setting a great example for their students and families.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

As CoolMom grows in influence and members, we are invited to participate at ever-higher levels of policy advocacy and movement building. CoolMom is an official Supporter of the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy and is helping to lead the women and families constituency. CoolMom considers the Alliance Washington State's best chance for adopting comprehensive carbon pricing legislation. This legislation is the single most important step in heading off the dangerous effects of climate change. CoolMom intends to inspire nothing less than a women's climate movement in Washington State. To do this, we will need additional staff and organizing tools.In addition, we need to build capacity to expand our existing programs to areas outside of Seattle and the Puget Sound. Our work will not be complete until we start rolling back carbon emissions from our current levels to 350 parts per million (ppm) – the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. CoolMom can make a large impact by influencing women, moms and families to make sustainable lifestyle changes and to advocate for robust climate policies.


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