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DNDA takes a holistic approach to community development, tailored to meet the current challenges of our community, while honoring and celebrating our rich environment and collective cultures. Like many Community Development organizations, the preservation and development of affordable housing and community facilities has been a core strategy.  Increasingly, DNDA has invested in emerging strategies focused on building community through arts and culture, and on organizing the community to address health disparities.

Mission Statement
DNDA's mission is to activate growth in the Delridge corridor by providing vital resources for our neighbors.

These resources include access to:
- Affordable housing
- Green space
- Healthy food
- Education
- Arts & Culture
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Domenica Lovaglia 
Board President 


Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association Programs

Home and Place 
We believe that every person has a right to a safe affordable place to call home. Over the course of the last 15 years, DNDA has developed and preserved 191 affordable housing units at nine properties, providing low-income housing and assistance to over 1100 people. Our work is characterized by mixed-use development which incorporates the neighborhood’s most crucial community facilities, including the West Seattle Food Bank and Community Resource Center, the Delridge Library, Southwest Early Learning, and the wide range of occupants and resources at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.                       

Arts and Culture 
We believe that creativity, self-expression, and cultural development are at the core of neighborhood vitality.  In 2005, DNDA reclaimed and transformed the abandoned Frank B Cooper School into the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.  Youngstown houses youth-serving arts organizations including Arts Corps, Nature Consortium, The Service Board, 12th Night Productions, the Southwest Interagency alternative program of Seattle Public Schools, as well as 36 low-income residential live/work artist lofts.  Youngstown has exceeded its original vision and has become a powerful resource for investing in youth, convening community, and bringing creative economic vitality to Delridge.  Youngstown is the preeminent institution in Delridge for community gatherings, hosting over 20,000 participants annually.

Health and Active Living 
We believe that all people have the right to lead a healthy and active life, and we are dedicated to empowering our community with the knowledge and resources to make healthy choices. Our community currently has unacceptably high rates of obesity and diabetes resulting from conditions related to chronic under-investment in the neighborhood, such as a lack of healthy affordable food and safe inviting places to play. Since 2007, we have partnered with a broad range of philanthropic, research, policy, and business partners to transform the systems and policies that have resulted in these conditions.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

The greatest recent success of DNDA has been the ability to adapt and innovate through a period of significant organizational transition.  As DNDA’s founders moved on to other projects, significant turnover occurred within the board of directors, and we saw the exit of the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center’s founding director.  Still, the need for a community development presence in Delridge, and the demand for a hub of arts and cultural activities such as Youngstown provides, only continued to grow.

DNDA has weathered this transition with strength and optimism.  DNDA’s mixed-use low-income housing projects remain near capacity, providing housing and basic services to those most in need.  The organization’s board of Directors is growing and redefining their vision in order to continue meeting the needs of the Delridge community, and the energy in the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center is livening under the directorship of newcomer David Bestock.  There is a clear focus on cultivating and integrating the creative resources within Youngstown, and leveraging those resources in order to provide youth and families throughout the greater Delridge neighborhood with innovative programming and inspiring artistic opportunities.

DNDA is a hub organization that serves as home to a wide range of internally self-sufficient programs and initiatives to support neighborhood development. As such, one of the most crucial organizational needs is general operating support to provide the organizational resiliency to serve as a stable foundation and to be able to respond to emerging needs and opportunities.


Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) works to engage neighborhood residents, businesses and institutions to create and maintain a thriving Delridge community. Delridge is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Seattle, and is home to a large low-income population. DNDA’s original focus was to develop affordable housing and community facilities, but has expanded to include a range of programs that engage youth and community members in creating a vibrant neighborhood.

Strong Leadership
In 2009, DNDA’s board and staff developed a strategic plan which builds on its legacy and strength as a development organization while taking a holistic view of the neighborhood's needs, the strategies to address them, and the approaches that will support the long-term sustainability of the organization. Through this process, DNDA has become increasingly focused on its role as an incubator for emerging neighborhood leadership projects. Projects like the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and the Food and Fitness Initiative are evidence of successful projects.

DNDA strengthens its work through a vast array of partnerships, including Public Health of Seattle and King County, Seattle Office of Economic Development, Seattle Office of Housing, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, the Seattle School District and Sustainable West Seattle. DNDA is also expanding beyond the Delridge neighborhood when it can provide valuable resources to other groups. One example is the ""Strength of Place Initiative"" (SOPI), a first-of-its-kind, three-way development partnership in collaboration with the White Center Community Development Association and Capital Hill Housing. SOPI seeks to build and preserve 300-400 units of affordable housing in White Center. By utilizing the combined and unique strengths of the three partners, SOPI has attracted competitive bids and additional awards despite the challenging economic climate.

DNDA’s role in the community allows it to uniquely assess and react to the needs of the Delridge Neighborhood. The Food and Fitness Initiative brings healthy affordable food into the neighborhood, addressing one of the top challenges in the community. Its nationally recognized FEEST program serves as both a youth development and organizing model ensuring that participants receive nutritional food while building leadership skills and community.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

3/10/2013 $7,500.00support general operating expenses.
6/10/2011 $30,000.00support general operating expenses.
12/10/2009 $50,000.00support general operating expenses.
12/10/2007 $40,000.00support general operating expenses.


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