Diverse Harmony 


Formed in 2002, Diverse Harmony was one of the nation's first gay-straight youth alliance to express themselves through the musical arts. It is an organization to help end bullying and harassment of LGBTQS youth while promoting tolerance and acceptance in an artistic, educational atmosphere.

Our professionally trained Artistic Director, Accompanist, Business Manager, and Board members provide a consistent, safe and inviting space for youth to receive professional vocal instruction and an opportunity for them to build self-confidence and develop interpersonal skills. Diverse Harmony ensures youth who may face daily discrimination have a safe place to develop their vocal skills and create lasting friendships.

Mission Statement
The mission of Diverse Harmony, a Queer-Straight Alliance Youth Chorus, is to create a safe, affirming environment where everyone is accepted for who they are. We use our passion and the power of music to inspire and celebrate differences in our homes and community. We invite all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and straight (LGBTQS) youth ages 13-22 to participate in a choral community, open to all vocal skill level.

Our guiding values are: Musical Excellence, Inclusiveness, Courage, Respect, Safety and Support for Being True Self, Self Development and Responsibility, and Community Service.

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Robert Sittig 
President, Board of Directors 


Diverse Harmony Programs

During the academic year, youth (ages 13-22) attend weekly sessions (Tuesdays 6:30-9pm), at a centrally located rehearsal site on First Hill. Diverse Harmony provides group vocal and performance lessons - at each session everyone sings regardless of skill level. Training includes basic vocal skills, rhythm, intonation, note, vocal expression, and key awareness. A typical session includes warm up exercises, a prepared musical lesson focusing on a variety of musical technique, a 15 minute break, review/recap of the lesson with a final practice session.

Each quarter the Artistic Director supports the chorus in creating two theatrical choral performances that focuses on a meaningful theme.

Special events (e.g. singing the national anthem at sporting events or performing a short set with the Seattle Men's Chorus) are also scheduled throughout the year.

Currently there are over 50 members who attend weekly rehearsals; there are no registration or attendance fees for the chorus members; and any one under the age of 23 can attend the quarterly performances at no cost.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Diverse Harmony attended the International Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA) of Choruses Festival in Denver Colorado in July of 2012. GALA occurs every four years so we send as many chorus members as possible. In order to cover the registration and travel fees we needed $20,000 to send approximately 45 members to this event. Funds were successfully raised - thanks to all of our generous donors.


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