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Freedom Project teaches Nonviolent Communication to inmates at three Washington prisons. With 31 volunteer trainers, we provided over 1740 hours of training in 2012. Courses in mindfulness and meditation support the work done in Nonviolent Communication training. 

Mission Statement
The Freedom Project strengthens our community by transforming prisoners into peacemakers. We offer training in concrete skills of nonviolence leading to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones, and the community. Our work addresses the healing of relationships ruptured by violence and the forging of community founded on genuine safety through connection.
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Freedom Project
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Gary Higashi 
Executive Director 


Freedom Project Programs

First and foremost, Freedom Project provides training Nonviolent Communications in select Western Washington prison. The work advocates for nonviolence through the discussion and role-play of typical situations in which students find themselves. In addition, inmates are encouraged to practice mindfulness and meditation to enhance their learning process.

In addition to the core programming provided inside prison, training on Nonviolent Communication is offered to community members; both those who have spent time in prison and those who have not. Special workshops not only provide more practice in the basic principles of Nonviolent Communication, they highlight how those principles are used in particularly emotional situations having to do with family or workplace. 

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

After the murder of a correctional officer at the Monroe Complex in 2011, the entire state's prisons were put on lock-down and outside programs were halted. Freedom Project was proud to be the first program allowed to re-enter the prison with our Nonviolent Communication programing.

Our current need is to continue to train and support our volunteers who lead programs in the prisons, and expand to other prisons in Washington. We currently have requests from large maximum and medium security prisons and minimum security units that we cannot serve due to limitations in funding. 


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