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GMVCC programs revolve around “Four Pillars of Service.”  These pillars are Prevention, Health & Wellness, Community, and the Emergency Warming Center.  We offer teen programs that target substance abuse and violence prevention strategies.  Our senior programs assist older adults with aging in place and reduce social, physical and mental isolation.  We partner with a variety of community based organizations that serve developmentally disabled adults, substance abusers, home schoolers, those with autism and others.  We are a warming center in the event of a cold weather emergency.  

Mission Statement
The Greater Maple Valley Community Center (GMVCC) enriches the quality of life in our community through quality human services and social activities.
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Mark Pursley 
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Greater Maple Valley Community Center Programs

GMVCC is a multi-age facility with a multitude of programs that meet the needs of community residents of all ages.  Founded in 1976, we are celebrating 39 years of service to the community. Our programming strives to reduce isolation, create connections and build on the strengths of individuals, youth and families. We work toward these goals by providing opportunities for education, and involvement which encourage strong community attachment, decrease violence and substance abuse and enhance the social well-being of all.  

The Youth Program targets teens in a largely under served portion of King County within the 7,200-student Tahoma School District. The youth program includes social services that foster positive connections between youth, their schools, and their communities; work to develop leaders among the youth; and encourage young people to become contributing members of the community.  We offer programs substance abuse and violence prevention programs in middle and high schools.

The goal of the Senior Adult Program is to reduce isolation, create connections, and build on the strengths of the senior citizens in our community. We provide opportunities for education, recreation, and involvement, which encourage strong community attachment and enhance the health and well-being of these older adults. The core of the GMVCC Senior Program is our congregate meal program and our Transportation Assistance Program which provides seniors with a way to remain independent by offering transportation in an area greatly under served by public transit.

We partner with a number of local groups that focus on support for families.  They serve foster children, developmentally disabled adults, autistic kids, and those with substance abuse challenges.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

One of our strongest successes came as a result of a negative.  In November, 2013, the GMVCC suspended our Toddler Time program due to a financial shortfall.  This program provided moms, dads and grandparents the opportunity to come together while their pre-school age children played in a dry, warm, safe and supervised environment.  Much of the value of Toddler Time was found in the natural support system for caregivers that was created by the coming together of those with common interests and needs.  Many caregivers were disappointed with the loss of this support opportunity and banded together to save the program.  As a result, a partnership was formed between the newly established Maple Valley Family Circle (MVFC) and the GMVCC.  The GMVCC provides the space, utilities, equipment and insurance at no cost while the MVFC provides the volunteer staffing to keep Toddler Time going.  The result of this partnership is that the target populations – toddlers & caregivers - continue to be served while new and positive relations have been formed between the GMVCC and community members.

 The current most pressing needs of the GMVCC revolve around our aging infrastructure.  Our facility is nearly 40 years old and was designed to meet the needs of a small, rural population.  The size and needs of the community have grown dramatically since then and we have not kept up.  The building is not wired to handle the modern needs of today’s office and our computer server has lived far beyond its recommended life span.  Most of our computer work stations are at least 7 years old and our donated telephone system is 13-years old and failing.  Our program space is limited in size and is marginally appropriate for activities that require confidentiality, such as individual counseling or AA meetings.


As the only large multi-service organization for a 90 square-mile area of rural King County, the Greater Maple Valley Community Center (GMVCC) has been a vital human services hub since it was founded 30 years ago. Area residents (particularly seniors and youth) seeking social services, health and wellness programs, and connections with other community members would be hard-pressed to access these services if they weren’t provided closer to home by GMVCC.

Although almost 40% of Maple Valley's population is under 18, and area youth remain underserved—particularly in the area’s growing Latino community. This has led to a high incidence of substance abuse and teen violence. GMVCC's youth center “The Den” seeks to reverse these trends, providing teens with a safe and youth-friendly gathering place and support services. GMVCC received a United Way Innovations Grant which enabled them to provide an open forum for the neighboring low-income Latino community in Riverbend. Through this event GMVCC staff identified leaders within the Riverbend community and are currently partnering with them to better serve the Riverbend community.

Because community needs are vast and GMVCC's resources limited, the Center relies on collaboration with other entities in order to provide a wide range of services on-site. Key partners include the Tahoma School District, Senior Services of King County, Valley Cities Counseling, the King County Library System, and King County Youth Probation. The City of Maple Valley underwrote construction of GMVCC’s youth center. In return, GMVCC is responsible for all maintenance, programming, and operating costs of running the youth-focused facility.

Financial Health
Despite a constrained funding environment, GMVCC’s financial health remains strong. The City of Maple Valley continues to support GMVCC at a high level. The Washington State Department of Transportation provided funding to launch the Southwest Regional Shuttle program, expanding GMVCC’s reach into the community while adding a new source of revenue. Additional fundraising events have generated new revenue and the Board Finance Committee closely monitors the organization’s financial health and ensures GMVCC maintains a strong base of reserves.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

3/10/2013 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/10/2012 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/10/2011 $15,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/10/2009 $20,000.00support general operating expenses.
3/22/2007 $25,000.00support general operating expenses.


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