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A national leader, Historic Seattle educates the public about the built environment and advocates for its preservation. Historic Seattle preserves, owns and manages buildings. It also presents tours, lectures, fairs, and workshops. Historic Seattle takes a leadership role in educating policy makers on the effects of proposals and the need for preservation alternatives. When historic structures are threatened, Historic Seattle advocates for their preservation and adaptive reuse. Finally, Historic Seattle saves historic structures and creates enabling economic uses for them.

Mission Statement
Founded in 1974, Historic Seattle is the only nonprofit membership organization dedicated to preserving Seattle and King County's architectural legacy. Our mission is to educate, advocate and preserve.
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Kji Kelly 
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Historic Seattle Preservation Foundation Programs

Historic Seattle accomplishes its mission by producing educational events to raise awareness of Seattle’s architectural heritage, advocating for preservation with citizens and policy makers, and acquiring historic properties for rehabilitation.

Historic Seattle offers a broad range of design lectures, tours of historic sites, workshops, and other programs that educate our members and the public about preserving historic buildings. We celebrate local preservation successes through our annual Preservation Awards event. We communicate with constituents and the public through our website, annual program brochure, newsletter, email list, blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Through preservation advocacy, Historic Seattle works closely with individuals and community groups to advocate for the preservation of historic places. We assist with advocacy efforts by providing technical assistance and teaching tools for advocacy. We are visible proponents of preservation, working with policy makers who regularly seek our advice and expertise regarding a wide range of preservation issues that affect the city and county.

We continue to provide quality stewardship of the properties we own including the Phillips Apartments, BelBoy Apartments, Victorian Row Apartments, Egan House, Good Shepherd Center, Dearborn House, Cadillac Hotel, and Washington Hall. In 2009, Historic Seattle purchased Washington Hall, which has functioned as a community gathering place since 1908. We are currently restoring Washington Hall’s performance and event spaces and creating a permanent home for community arts organizations, at a cost of around $9.5 million.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Historic Seattle's year-long program of educational events continues to attract over 2,000 participants a year. We’ve intensified advocacy efforts, resulting in higher visibility within and beyond the preservation community.

We recently embarked on the third phase of our restoration of Washington Hall. Phase I was completed in 2010, and Phase II in 2013. In planning the Hall’s restoration, we’ve worked closely with three community arts organizations—Hidmo, 206 Zulu, and Voices Rising—who will call the building home when it reopens in 2016.  

Phase III work includes seismic retrofitting, sprinkler installation, restoration of all interior finishes, and the addition of an elevator that will make the main performance space and balcony fully accessible for the first time. We are still raising funds to build out office and meeting space that will house our partners when the Hall’s rehabilitation is complete.


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