Jolkona is currently the only microgiving organization to provide individualized proof of impact to each donor for every donation. This has allowed Jolkona to target and cultivate a new generation of philanthropists who strive to know how his or her financial gift has made a difference.

Mission Statement
Jolkona is a Seattle-based microgiving platform, founded to connect donors with global philanthropic opportunities and show the impact of each donation. Jolkona means "a drop of water" in Bengali, encompassing our vision that every gift is valuable, and when combined together, small gifts can bring about a powerful ripple effect of change.
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Nadia Eleza Khawaja 
CEO and Co-founder 


Jolkona Programs

Jolkona is a technology-based microgiving platform which serves as a pipeline between partnering organization and donor. Currently, Jolkona is partnered with 65+ organizations, encompassing over 100 projects in 60+ countries worldwide. Jolkona focuses on projects in the areas of: education, public health, empowerment, arts & culture and the environment.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Jolkona launched its giving website in 2009 and already Jolkona has given over $150,000 to our over 100+ projects and project partners which include Ashoka Youth Ventures, BRAC and the Grameen Foundation.

One hundred percent of project donations are donated directly to the project of choice. A separate fund, the Kona Fund, has been created for administrative and operational expenses. Currently, various corporations and foundations have contributed to Jolkona's operating expenses, including: Microsoft Corporation, Waggener Edstrom, Google, Inc, Seattle International Foundation and Causality.


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