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Kol HaNeshamah is a progressive synagogue rejoicing in Torah, Avodah (Worship/Prayer), Tzedek and Tikkun (Justice and Healing), but specializing in K'hillah (Community). We attract members from all around Seattle who believe a synagogue is a place to experience the joys of Judaism. We are a diverse congregation that is building an intimate Jewish community committed to progressive beliefs, practice and inclusiveness. We are young, old, families, singles, single parents, interfaith, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered. We embrace Jewish ritual and tradition as we seek guidance and understanding on our contemporary Jewish journeys.
Mission Statement
Kol HaNeshamah's mission is to create a synagogue community, based on ancient Jewish covenants, insights and practices, collectively made relevant to our complex modern reality. Thus, we form a sacred culture, using Jewish practices of prayer, inner reflection, and study, and insights from contemporary wellness. We seek to nurture each other within an intimate community, so each member can fulfill his or her highest potential. As we discover God within and throughout the world, we will hear our calling to serve humanity with the greatest joy and inner peace.
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Kol HaNeshamah Programs

Shabbat is the cornerstone of our community. We meet twice a month on the first and third Friday evenings to worship in a space that we share with the Alki UCC, in West Seattle. We continue our Shabbat celebration with learning for adults & children on Saturday mornings, followed by our musical and participatory Shabbat service.

Kol Haneshamah offers a Hebrew school for children and an educational program for adults along with festive celebrations of Jewish holidays.

Kol HaNeshamah also offers Tikkun Olam opportunities - volunteer programs within our synagogue and the larger community that aim to achieve a socially just and sustainable society in a healthy world. This year, we are focusing on Israel/Palestine relations.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

This year, Kol HaNeshamah has begun fundraising to restore our precious Torah scroll. The Torah is such an important and central part of the life of our Jewish community. We read from it every Shabbat and holiday, we dance with it every year at Simchat Torah, we celebrate its place in our life every Shavuot, and our b’nai mitzvah students read from it as they transition from being children to adults.

We are excited to embark on what will be a personally and collectively meaningful project. Over the next few months Kol HaNeshamah will be offering a variety of opportunities to learn about how a Torah scroll is written, including how the parchment, ink, and quill are prepared. Our members and supporters will have a chance to learn about the magic of the Hebrew language and try their hands at some Hebrew calligraphy. They will be able to learn in greater depth about the 613th mitzvah, or sacred obligation, that every Jew should write a Torah scroll. And together, we'll even have the opportunity to place our hands on the sofer’s (scribe’s) hand, as he fills in the letters, thus helping to complete its writing.

We hope you’ll be inspired to support this project by attending the events we’ve planned, by getting involved in making these events successful, and by making contributions to our Torah Restoration Project in honor or support of someone in your life.


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