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Kol HaNeshamah is a vibrant Jewish community that improves our members’ lives and makes the world a better place.  We are a beacon of liberal Judaism and welcome diverse individuals and families to worship, learn and serve with us.  We are based in West Seattle but serve people from throughout the Greater Seattle area.  Our core offerings are:

Lifelong Education - Our educational programs include religious school, bar and bat mitzvah preparation, Torah study for adults and inter-generational learning opportunities.

Worship - We celebrate Shabbat as a community and through Shabbat in the home.  Our High Holiday services attract members and many visitors.      

Tikkun Olam – We repair the world through social action and service, as individuals and working together on community project.

Community – Kol HaNeshamah is a joyous community.  Our small size offers intimacy and connection.  Interfaith and non-traditional families are welcome, and everyone is encouraged to “come as you are.”  We come together for social and recreational events, build relationships and support each other through difficult times.   We honor life cycle events.

Mission Statement
We are an intimate synagogue community with a dynamic and progressive approach to 21st century Judaism. We believe in audacious inclusivity and helping all members enrich their lives through lifelong Jewish education, pursuit of Tikkun Olam and sharing in lifecycle events.
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Kol HaNeshamah
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Zari M. Weiss 


Kol HaNeshamah Programs

Shabbat is the cornerstone of our community. We meet twice a month on the first and third Friday evenings to worship in a space that we share with the Alki UCC, in West Seattle. We continue our Shabbat celebration with learning for adults & children on Saturday mornings, followed by our musical and participatory Shabbat service.

Kol Haneshamah offers a Hebrew school for children and an educational program for adults along with festive celebrations of Jewish holidays.

Kol HaNeshamah also offers Tikkun Olam opportunities - volunteer programs within our synagogue and the larger community that aim to achieve a socially just and sustainable society in a healthy world. This year, we are focusing on Israel/Palestine relations.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

In September 2014 we embarked on a yearlong Strategic Plan process, called Sh’arim, Gateways to the Future. We have held community wide meetings in members homes to gather information for planning our future. Our next meeting is set for May 15th at KHN.

On November 23, 2014 we launched our Annual Campaign with FRED talks (Fresh, Relevant, Educational and Dynamic), which featured the interesting work and hobbies of KHN members. Other FRED Talk events were held through 2014 and the program is continuing through 2015. Our most recent event was May 3, called FRED Laughs! 

We have ambitious plans for our future including fulfillment of our Strategic Plan goals over the next 3 years with expansion of our Educational Program for all ages; more member connection and engagement; increasing our Tikkun Olam and growing our community.


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