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Located in the Duwamish River Valley, Marra Farm and Desimone Park comprise 8.7 acres of preserved farmland in Seattle's South Park neighborhood - home to both ethnically diverse immigrant communities and a high concentration of commercial industry. 

The Marra Farm Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals working to build and expand Marra Farm's role in promoting community food security, providing a model for ecological urban agriculture, and fostering community involvement.

The Marra Farm Coalition is fiscally sponsored by the South Park Area Redevelopment Committee.

Mission Statement
Marra Farm is a model urban community farm engaging people in sustainable agriculture and education while enhancing local food security.
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Marra Farm Coalition
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Kyong Soh 
Marra Farm Project Coordinator 


Marra Farm Coalition Programs

Solid Ground's Lettuce Link program coordinates the Giving Garden at Marra Farm, growing over 16,000 pounds of fresh, organic and culturally-appropriate produce each year to share with local food banks. Lettuce Link also runs the Children's Garden, working with Concord Elementary and other partner organizations to teach local children how to grow their own food and prepare healthy garden-fresh snacks.

Immigrant gardeners in the Mien Community Garden feed their community members and seniors, as well as donating to local food banks.

Community gardeners at the Marra Farm P-Patch grow food for their families. The P-Patch Market Garden Plots provide gardeners with opportunities to supplement their income by growing produce for sale at local outlets.

Members of the Marra Farm Chicken Cooperative collectively care for 16 happy, egg-laying hens. 

Friends of Desimone Park engages members of the community, especially Vietnamese elders, to maintain the adjacent Desimone Park.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

In 2014, over 13,000 pounds of organic produce grown at Marra Farm was donated to local food banks. This could not have been done without thousands of volunteer hours tending the soil in the rain, sun, heat, wind, and frost. We are feeding our community and caring for the land together. 

Funds raised go towards projects which benefit the entire Marra Farm community - including building and maintaining infrastructure, providing translation and interpretation, and hosting the community-wide Fall Festival each year. 


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