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Moontown is dedicated to environmental conservation and sustained economic and leadership development.  We seek to challenge and inspire the next generation to take action as informed environmental stewards, community leaders, and agents of social change by providing access to individual, community, and economic development opportunities, resources and role models that are not accessible through traditional access points.  Our approach is systems-based in scope and designed to help our participants identify their unique talents and interests and consequently learn how to leverage them as assets in the marketplace.

Mission Statement
We create real-world, hands-on, experiential education, skill-building and leadership development opportunities in environmental, social and economic sustainability for youth and young adults.
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Stacy Noland 
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A confluence of environmental, social and economic challenges currently threaten the long-term stability of the United States of America, and indeed the entire world.                      

Environmentally, the US has become ever-more threatened by wasteful energy and resource usage practices, just as the challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our use of fossil fuels throughout the economy has become increasingly daunting as a result of years of inaction.                          

Socially, the US is a nation where the poor pay a premium for being poor as they are forced to spend disproportionately higher percentages of their income on energy, water, healthcare, transportation, and education. It is a vicious cycle from which few can escape and quite often leads to life-long poverty, imprisonment and a premature death.                        

Economically, the US has entered a downturn that is widely considered to be the worst since the Great Depression, and the prospect of a quick recovery to a more traditional economic growth rate is generally bleak.

Moontown is actively taking a multi-disciplinary, systems-oriented, triple-bottom line approach to solving these three issues.

STORM SURGE (A Social Impact Media Project)
A film can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can inspire and, in the odd case, it can make you think.  Whatever its impact, the power film has to affect an audience cannot be denied.

From super tornadoes, droughts, floods and fires, to the lingering impacts of hurricanes and oil spills, millions of Americans now find themselves living in the cross hairs of a looming planetary emergency – global climate change.

Targeting middle and high school youth, STORM SURGE is a feature documentary profiling ordinary people who take extraordinary actions to help their respective communities rebuild and recover after experiencing the deadliest and most destructive disasters in American history.

In addition to the film, STORM SURGE includes an educational awareness campaign to include study guides, bonus features, in-depth interviews, community discussions, town hall meetings, and a traveling lecture series – featuring Stacy Noland and other leaders working to help communities adapt to climate change and become more disaster resilient.

Through this project, we hope to inspire the next generation to take an active role in helping their communities prepare for and recover from disaster by becoming Boy and Girl Scouts, search and rescue volunteers, ham radio operators, storm spotters, Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity Volunteers. 

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YES Program                
Young Ecopreneurs in Sustainability (YES) Program is a summer exploratory program that introduces high school and college students to emerging career opportunities in social impact media, public advocacy, environmental stewardship, and clean and renewable energy.  YES prepares its participants through hands-on, real-world learning experiences that integrate standards-based classroom curriculum with interactive field exercises facilitated by leading entrepreneurs, innovative visionaries, and professional technicians.                

YES participants are challenged to develop creative, forward-thinking solutions that raise environmental consciousness, accelerates the adoption of green technology and resource conservation best practices in their respective communities.              

SWITCH Project                
Launched in 2008, with our partners GotGreen, the City of Seattle Office of Sustainability and Seattle City Light, the SWITCH Project is a turn-key metropolitan scale energy conservation, carbon reduction, and green workforce development program designed to accelerate the adoption of green public policies, installation of energy and water conservation technologies, and encourage residents to change their personal behaviors with energy and water.             

The program targets economically challenged and socially disconnected young adults (ages 18-26) for entry-level positions in energy efficiency and renewable energy careers.   SWITCH also offers a cost-effective way to increase residential energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through incremental behavior change and community participation in formalized energy conservation programs.  

We are currently working to expand this program in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri.  

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Recent Successes and Current Challenges

STORM SURGE Documentary Film
In 2010, Moontown began the production of STORM SURGE, a mini-documentary film which tells the first-hand stories of survival, resiliency and recovery from residents in the Gulf after a chain of man-made and natural disasters, in addition to highlighting what actions citizens are taking to repair the natural ecosystem of the region and to create jobs and rebuild the local economy.  This summer, Moontown is continuing its work on STORM SURGE with plans to release a feature length film in the fall of 2013.

Revenues generated from the sale of DVDs, video downloads, merchandise or educational materials will be used to fund our other signature programs, as noted above.

SWITCH Project

The SWITCH Project is a metropolitan scale energy conservation, carbon reduction, and green workforce development program designed to accelerate the adoption of green public policies, installation of energy and water conservation technologies, and encourage residents to change their personal behaviors with energy and water.  Moontown has trained over 50 disadvantaged urban youth to install CFLs, low-flow shower heads and other energy and water saving devices in over 4,000 Seattle-area households.  In 2010, the City of Seattle launched the Community Power Works program which was built upon the success and best-practices learned from the SWITCH Project.

Environmental Education Award of Excellence
In 2009, Moontown won the "Diversity in Action Award" from the Environmental Education Association of Washington as a "best in class" example of dedication and sincere devotion to students and educators and the role of education in the development of sustainable communities.

We are currently seeking $25,000 to complete production for the STORM SURGE Project, as well as an Executive Producer(s) to help secure financing for post-production, marketing and distribution.


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6/10/2009 $20,000.00support general operating expenses and facility renovations.


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