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Morningside Academy (MA) is a 33-year old Grade 1-9 laboratory school located in Seattle that enjoys a nationwide reputation as an “academic boot camp” that has helped more than 20,000 students to date to catch up and get ahead.  MA works with students who have diagnosed learning disabilities (LD); Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or another disability. Some lag behind their peer group for no "diagnosed" reason. MA offers a money-back guarantee for progressing 2 years in 1 in the skill of greatest deficit. In 33 years the school has refunded less than 1% of the total tuition.

MA is also a Teacher Training Academy with a national and international reach.

Mission Statement
Morningside Academy (MA) seeks to provide learners, who may be struggling, the opportunity to catch up, build up and get ahead in an effort to enable them to achieve their greatest potential.  Extensive assessments and research-based methods, proven to be effective, are utilized in this unique program.
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Morningside Academy
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Dr. Kent Johnson 
Founder/Executive Director 


Morningside Academy Programs

Thirty-three years ago, Dr. Kent Johnson founded MA in Seattle, Washington to provide behaviorally designed academic and social programs for children who were not working to their potential and preparation for teachers and other school personnel to more effectively educate them. Since that time, Morningside has grown into two distinct programs serving each of the original goals. First, Morningside Academy is a non-profit school, operating during the school year and in summer. Second, Morningside Teachers' Academy participates in formal external partnerships with schools and agencies throughout the United States and Canada. It also offers a summer institute for teachers, graduate students, and other professionals.                           

The school helps both elementary and middle school students to catch up and get ahead. Its students have not previously reached their potential; many have learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD diagnoses; all have average to well above average intelligence.                          

All of the instructional materials, tools and methods used are research-based "best practices" proven to be effective. MA also designs and tests its own instructional materials and teaching methods. MA programs are continually evolving to better prepare students for successful schooling and citizenry.                         

Some characteristics of the program are a 1:10 teacher/student ratio, placement of students in classes by skill levels instead of by age or grade and a system of teaching reasoning, problem solving, and learning skills as part of each class.  The focus is on Foundation skills, the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics, and content classes and project-based research are introduced to students as they advance through the continuum of the progressive steps of the program.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Kent Johnson, Ph.D. and Morningside Academy, Seattle, WA is one of the recipients of the 2009 Ernie Wing Award for Excellence in Evidence-based Education, awarded  " recognition of their work in developing, implementing, and sustaining a “data-based decision making organization and culture” designed to provide state-of-the-art educational services..." This prestigious award is well-deserved by Kent and the talented teachers of Morningside Academy, who apply use of good curricular design, fluency-based instruction and charting in their Generative Model of Instruction to improving the academic performance of 18,000 students via their program, having collaborative relationships with 86 programs nationally and internationally, and training new cohorts of teachers yearly in their Morningside Teachers and Summer Training Academies. Kent has also shared his expertise as one of the founders of the online reading program, Headsprout Early Reading.

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization that receives no federal or state funding, We rely on the generosity of the caring people of our community.  

We work with an underserved population of kids whose academic gains dramatically alter their life choices changing them from at risk to productive citizens. Our hope is that you will want to partner with us.  Donations to our scholarship fund help needy students access our programs and donations to our general fund support research and development of best practices in our laboratory school and provide direct support to our programs. .


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