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Founded in 1936, National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is the nation's premier grassroots conservation organization with four million supporters and 47 affiliate organizations. Today, we have three primary goals:confronting climate change; protecting and restoring wildlife; and connecting people with nature. Our local staff works on climate andwildlife issues, and most notably on a variety of education programs that connect individuals to the natural world and empower citizens of all ages to act on behalf of wildlife.  

Mission Statement
National Wildlife Federation inspires Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.
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Tom France 
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National Wildlife Federation, Seattle Programs

Connecting People with Nature  
Be Out There is a national movement to connect American families to the outdoors. Be Out There leverages National Wildlife Federation's 75-year tradition of education, conservation, and advocacy to get families and communities outside. By providing leadership, support, and practical tools, we will create a generation of happier, healthier children with love and responsibility for nature. Our Be Out There events and programs include the Great American Backyard Campout, Hike & Seek, Eco-Schools USA, Schoolyard Habitats, Certified Wildlife Habitats and more. 

Join your neighbors by creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat 
From backyards to entire neighborhoods, the Certified Wildlife Habitat program has been engaging people in conservation for over 35 years. Start by certifying your own yard here 

Connect with your community at one of our annual events
Great American Backyard Campout – Spend a night learning about camping and nature  

Hike & Seek – Explore nature in this annual event for kids and families in Seward Park

Sign your school or classroom up for Eco-Schools USA
Join 50 countries in this international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment, with free resources for teachers

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Last summer, NWF and Camp Long hosted a Great American Backyard Campout with families from High Point in West Seattle. Attendance for Seattle Public Housing Authority families was free at this full capacity event. High Point houses 80% recent immigrants, and most families live below the federal poverty rate. Many participants had never been to Camp Long before, and had never camped overnight just for fun. It was a wonderful outdoor adventure for all, with a campfire circle, storytelling, ranger naturalists, nature walks, and an appearance by Ranger Rick. High Point Neighborhood House translated the event flyer into multiple languages, and provided onsite translators. Families were able to take home educational materials to encourage continued exploration of nature. 

We are partnering with Seattle Parks & Recreation’s Camp Long again this summer to host another free Great American Backyard Campout for High Point families, and welcome your donations to help us provide dinner and breakfast, as well as a packet of educational materials for families to take home with them after the event. 

Through this event and many others, we continue to engage families, communities and schools throughout the greater Seattle area in activities and education programs to inspire a lifelong appreciation for nature and wildlife. 

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The National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) works toward a sustainable Puget Sound where people and wildlife can thrive together. NWF’s Pacific Regional Center based in Seattle is mobilizing its 12,000 King County members to take an active role in regional conservation efforts. It is strongly focused on connecting kids and families to nature.

Accessibility and Cultural Competency
NWF is working locally to expand the conservation movement and broaden interest in the environment by engaging people from diverse backgrounds through education programs and campaigns. The organization is doing specific outreach in south King County, including South Park, Georgetown and White Center through its Certified Community Wildlife Habitat program. NWF is signing up King County schools to join its new Eco-Schools USA program which helps green schools, increase student interest in the environment and increase STEM scores, particularly for students of color and disadvantaged youth.

NWF collaborates with nonprofit, business, and government partners on a great deal of its work. It is a member of the Environmental Priorities Coalition and collaborates with many regional organizations, including Puget Sound Partnership, Sierra Club, Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition, Washington Department of Fish & Game, Woodland Park Zoo and many others. Through their Eco-Schools USA program, it collaborates with other green programs within Washington to build a more effective, unified system to support STEM and environmental education.

Financial Health and Sustainability
NWF is continuing to build relationships with local funders, businesses and civic groups in order to make the Pacific Regional Center self-sustaining. Nationally, NWF has made strategic investments in regionally-focused fundraising, and are working to increase their major gifts program locally. As a national organization, it benefits from centralized data, development, and IT resources, while having the ability to leverage and scale the work of other regional centers.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

3/10/2013 $5,000.00support general operating expenses.
3/10/2012 $8,000.00support general operating expenses.
12/10/2009 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.
10/5/2006 $20,000.00support general operating expenses.


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