One in four adults and one in five children has a diagnosable mental disorder. Navos ensures that people with mental illness and living in poverty have access to quality health care. With Ruth Dykeman Children's Center and Seattle Children’s Home, we help people to reach their full potential for recovery and self-sufficiency. Navos’ range of mental health services, support for clients’ families, and services for 20 Navos Consortium members, which improves the lives of 23,000 children and adults a year.

Mission Statement
The mission of Navos is to improve the quality of life of people vulnerable to mental illness and addictions by providing a broad continuum of care.
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David Johnson 
Chief Executive Officer 


Navos Programs

Navos has locations in West Seattle, Burien and Auburn. Our services include outpatient care for adults and children, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, employment services, care for people with chemical dependency and mental illness, domestic violence treatment for offenders and services for victims, services for older adults with mental illness, and supportive housing. Navos’ innovative programs include:

Navos is among the first mental health centers nationally to offer clients a comprehensive “healthcare home” where they can receive primary care in addition to mental health treatment. By integrating care, we can improve prevention, early detection, and treatment of serious health issues, including chronic diseases.  Our Mental Health and Wellness Center opened in 2012 and is currently serving clients.
  • Navos, Seattle Children's Home and Ruth Dykeman Children's Center are continuing to integrate and expand our programs. We have redeveloped our Lake Burien campus to create a Behavioral Healthcare Center for Children, Youth & Families. Our vision is a hub for programs for young children, school-aged youth, teens, young adults and families.  The campus is a safe and secure sanctuary where children and youth, many of whom have suffered abuse, neglect and other significant traumas, receive the treatment and support they need to heal.  The new campus opened in January 2015.
  • Navos’ Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program serves very young children, birth to age six, and their parents or caregivers. Most of the children have experienced, or are at risk of, abuse and neglect. Many families present with intergenerational histories of trauma, abuse and child welfare involvement. Almost all the families are living in poverty, and many are dealing with other challenges as well including mental illness, isolation, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Navos’ Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program (IECMH) helps to strengthen families, break cycles of child abuse and neglect, prevent the long-term consequences of trauma, and help young children who have experienced trauma to heal.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Sherry is a parent and a grandparent, and worked for many years in administrative positions with large businesses. But for much of her life she also struggled with mental illness, thoughts of suicide, and chemical dependency. She has been in recovery for 15 years. Sherry came to Navos as a client, and then volunteered in Navos’ Employment Services where she developed the computer training program and taught basic computer classes for clients. She completed Navos’ Peer Employment Training program, became a State-Certified Peer Counselor, and now works at Navos as a Peer Support Specialist. She was recently named 2013 Employee of the Year by the Washington Community Mental Health Council.  

Most of the people we serve have experienced severe trauma. Navos is implementing trauma-sensitive care throughout the agency. We are creating a healing environment and eliminating triggers that could retraumatize people in our care. A critical component will be the creation of two comfort rooms in our psychiatric hospital. The comfort rooms will be therapeutic spaces where the user can experience visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli. They will provide a sanctuary from stress, and will be used to teach individuals calming techniques to decrease agitation and aggressive behavior which they can use in the hospital and after being discharged. Comfort rooms will also help to reduce the use of restraints and seclusion. We hope to develop comfort rooms at all our treatment centers.


Navos provides mental health programs and support services to low income people in King County. Their services focus on recovery and wellness, and on the strengths of individuals with mental illness. Navos merged with Ruth Dykeman Children's Center and Seattle Children's Home.

Proven Success
Navos’ Early Childhood Mental Health Program helps to break cycles of abuse and neglect; the program helps young children and their parents/caregivers to develop secure and nurturing attachments, trains adults on how to best care for and promote the healthy development of their children, and provides early intervention for children with emotional and mental health issues. Older youth who have been removed from their family or foster home because of abuse, neglect or unsafe or violent behavior receive intensive residential treatment at our Ruth Dykeman Children’s Center campus. Seattle Children's Home provides a secure residential treatment program for adolescents with serious behavioral and mental health issues from across the state.

Use of Best Practices
While, their work is guided by the belief that recovery is possible, Navos is a regional leader in employing nationally recognized evidence-based best practices.  They are at the forefront of a national movement to transform mental health care from a top-down treatment approach to a revolutionary model based on a true partnership with mental health consumers. Those receiving services at Navos are supported by professionals and peers who understand that downward spirals can be interrupted and reversed at any age; that trauma and loneliness are important components of mental health and substance use conditions; and that creating community is as important to building resilience and achieving recovery as therapy and medication. The people they serve draw upon their own strengths and resilience, and with Navos’ support, they work to recover from the challenges of their psychiatric symptoms.

With a primary care clinic located on-site at Navos Mental Health and Wellness Center in Burien, Navos serves as a national model for providing people with mental illness with a health care home where they can receive primary health care, mental health treatment, health education, chemical dependency services, and a range of other services that support each individual’s recovery. Navos is also recognized by its peers as a leader in implementing Trauma-Informed care; an approach to engaging people with histories of trauma that recognizes the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledges the role that trauma has played in their lives.

Navos’ services are supported through a mix of public and private funding which helps Navos to provide a broad range of services to people in challenging circumstances. State and county reimbursements have decreased, affecting their ability to provide programs and services to their most vulnerable clients. At the same time, they are being asked by public entities to expand their services to make up for publicly-funded programs that have been cut back or eliminated. Private funding is needed to supplement public dollars for mental health care.

Navos and its partners are currently creating a Behavioral Care Center for Children, Youth and Families on Lake Burien (the current site of Ruth Dykeman Children's Center).  The new center will offer a comprehensive range of services for children, youth and families in a sanctuary like environment.  Seattle Children's Home will relocate it programs to the new center in late 2014, when the main facilities are completed.

As the lead agency for the Navos Consortium, Navos provides critical administrative and technical services for 18 other mental health providers and family services agencies throughout King County. This allows these smaller agencies to provide mental health services to more than 3,000 low-income children and adults each year. The 11,000 people helped every year by Navos and its Consortium partners represent one-fifth of all people, and about one-half of all youth, seen in King County’s publicly-funded mental health system.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

6/10/2014 $10,000.00support the Proud Out and Wonderful Program. - YGB 2014
12/10/2013 $20,000.00provide general operating support.
12/10/2012 $20,000.00provide general operating support.
12/10/2011 $30,000.00support general operating expenses.
12/11/2010 $50,000.00support construction of the Child & Family area in Navos Mental Health and Wellness Center.
12/10/2010 $35,000.00support general operating expenses.
6/26/2008 $60,000.00support construction of the Burien Heights Residences and general operating expenses.


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