Neighborhood Farmers Markets 


We provide the best and freshest local produce to Seattle citizens, while giving farmers access to direct sales in the city of Seattle at our seven Neighborhood Farmers Markets. We educate consumers about local and seasonal produce and the importance of preserving Washington farmland. We provide access to healthy food for all Seattle residents through our Fresh Bucks Program, food bank donations and Helping Harvest vouchers for families living on low incomes. 

The Neighborhood Farmers Markets organize seven food-only Washington farmer-focused Farmers Markets in Seattle neighborhoods: University District, West Seattle, Capitol Hill- Broadway, Columbia City, Phinney, Lake City, and Magnolia.

Mission Statement
The Neighborhood Farmers Markets strengthen Washington's small family farmers by operating vibrant, successful Neighborhood Farmers Markets.
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Neighborhood Farmers Markets
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Ms. Chris Curtis 
Executive Director 


Neighborhood Farmers Markets Programs

The Neighborhood Farmers Markets:

Support Farmers
  • Provides direct market opportunities to over 100 Washington farms and 50 food artisans
  • Grants emergency relief funds through the Good Farmer Fund
  • Preserves just under 10,000 acres of farmland from development
  • Advocates for farmers, farmers markets, and food access
  • Ensures food dollars go to farmers, not middlemen
  • Includes farmers in our governance, with 4 vendor-elected representatives sitting on our Board of Directors
  • Supports rural economies by retaining farm jobs, facilitating farm to chef and other wholesale sales, and other direct sales avenues (like CSA boxes)
  • Build community and provide community meeting spaces
  • Offers consumer education about crops—what’s in season, how to prepare it, recipes, and tasting events where shoppers can learn about a dynamic range of products unavailable in grocery stores
  • Creates a modern day town square for communities, including supporting local nonprofits by granting space in the markets
  • Supports urban local economies by creating seasonal jobs, providing a multiplier effect for businesses adjacent to the markets, and incubating new businesses
Provides Equal Food Access
  • Promote equal access to farm fresh food by providing advocacy, support, outreach, and incentives to EBT— SNAP/food stamps — WIC, and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon customers
  • Donates over 50,000 pounds of high quality, fresh produce annually to local food banks
  • Provide Helping Harvest Vouchers
  • Brings local, seasonal food into all kinds of Seattle neighborhoods
  • Builds consumer and farm relationships, which allow bulk buying discounts

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

We are at the forefront of advocating for low income benefits programs to ensure equal food access, such as our successful Fresh Bucks program, matching $10 in SNAP redeemed at the Farmers Markets with $10 in Fresh Bucks to buy fresh produce.

One of our proudest accomplishments in 2013 was the continued growth of the Fresh Bucks Bonus Program. The Neighborhood Farmers Markets helped to expand the program city wide and helped thousands of low-income families access more fresh local produce by providing customers using SNAP (EBT, formerly food stamps) with a $10 bonus at the market each week to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. The program was a huge success, bringing healthy food to the tables of Seattle residents living on low incomes, as well as giving our farmers new shoppers.


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