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At Nikkei Concerns, respect, trust, and kimochi (good feeling) are the cornerstones of our service. The residents and participants are at the heart of everything we do.  Nikkei Concerns aims to provide them with the highest quality of life in a family environment, driven by a caring spirit that engenders trust and peace of mind. Our goal is to make every day the best day for them, and, we hope, for you as well.

Mission Statement
Nikkei Concerns strives to enrich and support the lives of elders and meet their needs in a way that honors Nikkei culture and values. Elders will sustain their independence as much as possible and maintain the highest possible quality of life, including physical and mental health and wellness.
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Jeffrey Hattori 
Chief Executive Officer 


Nikkei Concerns Programs

Residents come first at Seattle Keiro. Your well-being and enthusiasm for life are most important. Those with long-term care or short-term rehabilitation needs find Seattle Keiro a real home with highly skilled and committed staff to provide care and share secret smiles.

In our assisted living community, Nikkei Manor, you find a real home in a warm, caring atmosphere with wonderful neighbors, volunteers, and staff to keep you company. Your golden years are fun and enjoyable because we help with daily tasks and free your time to make new friends (or discover old ones) in seated yoga or find the hidden artist within! As a resident, you will rest easy knowing that your health and happiness are high priorities.

At Kokoro Kai, our senior activity program, you discover a joyous place to reconnect with others and re-energize yourself. You belong to a close family with attentive and innovative staff and volunteers. Games, exercise, music, and other activities engage minds and bodies. Kokoro Kai is about health and wellness, fun and friendship.

Nikkei Horizons, a continuing education program, opens up a world of unique learning opportunities. Explore lands near and far on special tours. Master the new frontiers of technology with patient and experienced instructors. Keep fit through gentle exercise among friends. Discover Japanese culture through arts and crafts, language studies, cooking, and games. With Nikkei Horizons, lifelong learning is better… together.

Transportation Services Program, Established in 2014, Nikkei Concerns’ new Transportation Services Program provides door-to-door service so residents, participants, and community members maintain their independence as much as possible.  Transportation to and from appointments, on Nikkei Horizons tours, or on resident outings is safe and reliable, thanks to the care and dedication of the Transportation Crew.  We currently contract with King County/Metro to take participants of the Legacy House Adult Day Health Program and look forward to expanding our services.


Recent Successes and Current Challenges

Seattle Keiro will transform six thousand square feet of bark-covered, little-used space into a peaceful, wheelchair-accessible garden retreat, designed by landscape architect Scott Murase. The project will benefit the entire Keiro community but at its heart is a desire to honor our residents and enhance their quality of life.

The beauty of the garden, set off by flowing water and sculpted stone, is designed to refresh mind, body, and spirit and encourage visits with family and friends. Residents gain strength, mobility, and balance on smooth stone pavers as they wheel or walk their way through the garden space. Once the project is complete, the area available for indoor/outdoor physical therapy will more than double. When temperatures drop or umbrellas rise, residents will still be able to enjoy Seattle’s seasons through a bank of windows designed to bring the outside in, from summer sun and autumn leaves to winter snow and the blooming of spring.

In all, the garden will benefit hundreds of residents, staff members, volunteers and over 33,000 visitors every year.


Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

9/22/2005 $25,000.00support the purchase of two whirlpool bathtubs for Seattle Keiro.


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