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NWABR is dedicated to building connections between scientists and the broader community in order to increase understanding of biomedical research and the process by which scientific knowledge advances.  We provide service to the scientific community in order to ensure that research meets the highest ethical standards.  We also build bridges between scientists, Middle and High School students and the broader community in order to help people  see the connections between their own lives, science and society. We seek to support every participant in becoming part of a scientifically literate community, and helping every citizen recognize the role research plays in his or her life. 

Mission Statement
NWABR works to promote the public's trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct.  NWABR works with a diverse group of stakeholders including academic, industry, and non-profit research institutes, together with healthcare, and voluntary health organizations. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Northwest Association for Biomedical Research Programs

Student Bio Expo
Students need to see why science matters and how it connects to their lives. The Student Bio Expo provides high school students with opportunities to interact with and learn from local researchers. The program engages students in creative ways to demonstrate their understanding of life science.  We encourage students’ individual talents and provide them with year-long mentorship resulting in creative projects such as a drama about a family’s struggle with disease or a ballet about malarial infection.  The Expo supports the development of future scientists, as well as science-literate citizens.  This unique, award-winning science program culminates on Expo day, which engages approximately 600 people in the Greater Seattle area.

Middle School Science
Middle School students produce an essay, a poster or a video that outlines how biomedical research has impacted their lives, the lives of the pets or otherwise highlights the advances in biomedical technology.  Students entries are reviewed and judged by local scientists who provide written feedback to the students.  After two rounds of judging winning entries are decided and the winning students are recognized at an Awards ceremony.  In 2015 the Knossos Foundation and IDRI have ben key supports of this program.  Several hundred students participate in this program each year.

Camp Bio
Each summer NWABR runs a series of week long summer camps that allow students to take a deeper dive into science.  In 2015 students will focus on Crime Scene Investigations, Do It Yourself Science and Proteins and Informatics.  NWABR employs three highly experienced scientists to run these camps - which are both fun and also help students to decide on careers and further education in science.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

The Student Bio Expo is NWABR’s signature program that receives minimal government funding and is in urgent need of support. In 2015,  350 students intended to participate in the Expo. Your contribution can help make science relevant for our high school students!
The Expo has been successful in engaging and supporting a diverse group of students for 15 years. Over 5000 students have been served and many of them are now pursuing careers in science because of the Expo experience. Students present their projects in creative ways that value their individual talents and strengths; students enter science-based projects in categories as diverse as art, music, drama, multimedia, molecular modeling, writing, and traditional scientific research. Students are supported in their endeavors by working throughout the school year with a science mentor, providing access to resources not ordinarily available in schools and highlighting career opportunities. The mentorship program also supports students from underserved populations by ensuring that they have equal access to the scientific community and are given the opportunity to interact with science professionals. 

The Expo’s ability to help students succeed is evidenced by numerous awards and recognitions, including a Golden Apple Award in 2002, recognition as an exemplary education program by the King County Council in 2005, and a Science Education Advocate Award for exhibiting exceptional support and advocacy for science education given by the Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform (LASER) in 2009.

The Student Bio Expo is supported by funds raised locally: individuals and contributors are essential.


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