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Our objective is to increase participation of artists and audiences from all backgrounds; of particular focus is work that develops the culture and community of the Seattle area and the greater Pacific Northwest. 80% of our audience for Bumbershoot consists of Washington State residents and 42% live in the Seattle area, although we draw attendees from throughout the United States and beyond. 

Mission Statement
One Reel fuels civic pride through signature experiences that foster growth and development in community and the arts. We connect audiences with diverse and progressive arts and cultural ideas through access and opportunities that would otherwise not exist. 
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Heather Smith 
Executive Director 


One Reel Programs

The arts programming at Bumbershoot is a significant component of One Reel’s offerings to the Northwest arts community. We make contemporary art accessible to broad audiences through multidisciplinary programming that reflects our regional diversity and positions Seattle arts within an international contemporary art landscape. With over 40 years of experience producing events, One Reel has partnered with scores of local organizations, artists, and project producers to create the special pastiche of film, dance, visual and literary arts, spectacle, comedy, and youth programming that the public now expects from its hometown arts party. 

Accessibility is also a key part of Bumbershoot: each year we donate hundreds of tickets to under-served families in our region through our Send-A-Kid program. Send-A-Kid is made possible through a partnership with Art with Heart (link:, Arts Corps (link:, Totem Star (link:, and Umoja Peace Center    

City of Music Career Day  
Our flagship educational training program, City of Music Career Day, provides high school and college students with direct access to music industry professionals through networking, experiential learning, engaging workshops, and performances in partnership with EMP Museum, the Seattle Music Commission, and the Seattle Office of Art and Culture. Participants are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities in music including performance, management, concert production, arts administration, record label operations, retail, licensing, journalism, broadcasting, and more. The purpose of the program is to expand students' ideas of the various career paths available within the Seattle music industry, which is so vibrant in our city and renowned nationwide. Efforts are underway to make Career Day events even more impactful in 2016. We are growing Career Day into a larger program that serves a diversified range of Seattle-based youth at the event as well as throughout the year. 

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

For the past four years, One Reel has prototyped and launched Career Day annually, drawing over 200-400 students each year. We have grown the event to serve double its original capacity and have ensured that it remains free to all student participants. We have provided students with the opportunity to participate in Career Day and have established long-range strategic and respectful partnerships between diverse cultural groups and organizations that are essential to our success. One Reel is poised to improve the consistency and quality of its programming and grow the organization’s community impact in meaningful ways. 


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