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Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School cultivates healthy, capable learners dedicated to serving their neighbors and the greater good. We combine challenging academics with a strong net of faith, community and practical support for the whole child. Our atmosphere is one of down-to-earth solidarity among dozens of ethnic groups, the poor, the affluent and many families in between.

Mission Statement
OLG School fosters Gospel values, inspires academic excellence and develops service and leadership. We face this task as a sacramental community, united and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School Programs

Highlights of OLG education include:

Cultivating Capable Learners
OLG aims to graduate 8th-grade students who are curious, resourceful and ready to take charge of their learning. Those qualities are good for them, and good for the world we hope they’ll serve. Projects and presentation exercise these qualities and receive gradually greater emphasis as students mature. OLG’s core curriculum also allows many gateways for becoming truly engaged, whether through science and math, art and music, writing or foreign language.

Service is a core value at OLG, starting with kindness and respect among students, teachers and families. Every grade has a year-long program serving the indigent, homebound or the environment (programming that began at the suggestion of OLG parents more than a decade ago). For their final year at OLG, 8th graders design, manage and present their own year-long service projects, built around an element of Catholic social teaching.

Care of the environment is a central tenet of Catholic social teaching and offers OLG a natural way to tie together service, social studies, religion and science. OLG became a Washington Green School in 2011, building on a successful composting program. Sixth graders volunteer at nearby Camp Long once a month, and 8th graders recently designed and built model green homes for the annual science fair. Our new gym and parish life center has been built green, and we are gradually finding new lighting and other ways to make our 1962 main building more eco-friendly. Whatever the effort, students and their families help lead and measure improvement.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

2013 OLG opened an 11,000-sq.-ft. gym and parish life center, which gave the parish and school on-site recreation and theater space for the first time. Like all improvements at OLG, the new building grew out of strong leadership, broad support among a diverse set of households, and hard work. Virtually all school families and two thirds of parish households pledged donations, and dozens of volunteers contributed thousands of hours in designing, planning and fundraising for the project.

Moreover, OLG used the building to model Catholic social teaching values for  environmental stewardship and service to the greater community. We took care to use sustainable design and materials, and are pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for the project. We are also sharing the building and other campus facilities with the community a certain number of hours each month, through service programs or loaning space to other community organizations.

One of our highest-priority needs is additional teacher training. Our excellent faculty wants new ideas, as well as time to incorporate them sensibly into the classroom. This is particularly so with new technology and science and math instruction. Additional gifts make it easier for our school to provide the time and tuition for such enrichment.


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