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PSKS was founded in 1995 homeless youth who wanted their voices to be heard by policy makers unaware of the impact of their decisions.

At the heart of PSKS is CORE Membership — a governing body giving voice and power for youth to influence organizational programs and policies. Virtually all of the programs and services at PSKS began with ideas from our youth. With this bottom up approach, PSKS found its niche—empowering youth who are too often excluded from mainstream services including: youth with animal companions and/or children, those who identify as LGBTQ, those suffering from addiction or have other circumstances that make it tough to find indoor shelter. Often they are living under bridges, in cars or tents in the woods until they can secure their own housing.

Youth at PSKS develop a sense of ownership and pride in being engaged to end personal and community homelessness. This approach has earned PSKS credibility as an effective ally among those we serve.

Mission Statement
PSKS supports homeless and at-risk youth and young adults to become empowered to lead positive and self-sufficient lives. 

  • Connect with a welcoming and caring community 
  • Ensure basic survival needs are met
  • Provide access to education, employment, and housing stability
  • Amplify youth voices to influence decision makers 
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    Susan Fox 
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    Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets Programs

    Over the years, CORE Membership has developed a continuum of services that wholly support an individual to achieve their goals. 

    • ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT for access to housing programs, chemical dependency treatment, wellness and more
    • EDUCATION ACCESS to earn the GED and prepare for continuing education or vocational training
    • JOB OPPORTUNITIES through paid internships, skill development and employment assistance
    • SUSTAINABLE HOUSING peer support group for youth to successfully thrive in their new homes
    • SHELTER through the first ever Seattle cold weather (and now ongoing) youth and young adult shelter
    • ADVOCACY to ensure policy makers are inclusive in making decisions and allocating resources
    The Homeless Youth for Peace and Empowerment (HYPE) Community Center is the first point of contact for youth with nowhere else to turn. In HYPE, participants feel accepted, welcome and SAFE. It is a place where they can connect with a community of caring peers and adults—and be respected for who they are. 

    Re-Inventing Steps to Education (RISE) Center provides the safety net for students who have been turned away from other educational opportunities. RISE provides encouragement and support to youth at a time in their lives when a positive experience with education will dramatically boost their confidence and earning ability. RISE empowers youth to live a life poised with a greater chance of success. Most graduates go onto post-secondary education.

    The Lasting Employment Advancement Program (LEAP) provides a supportive environment for homeless youth to enter the workforce. LEAP offers clearly defined paid internship roles within PSKS. Interns participate in a series of skill workshops and implement an employment action plan with a goal of exiting to unsubsidized employment. Interns are often hired as PSKS staff upon completion.

    Recent Successes and Current Challenges

    SUCCESS: Motivated by the cold snap in December 2013, PSKS CORE Membership, participants, staff, and board members collaborated to develop a response plan for extreme winter weather conditions. There is an extreme shortage of youth and young adult shelter city-wide and none exists on Capitol Hill. The pilot project was created as a first step towards filling a gap in services. 

    Thanks to their hard work PSKS was prepared to open our center to provide respite from recent extreme cold for some of our unsheltered participants. For three nights in mid-February 2014, PSKS provided warm, safe shelter for 15 participants to come in from the cold and snow. PSKS participant interns and CORE Members volunteered to work with staff as peer support for our overnight guests. 

    Participants played pool, did arts and crafts, watched movies, prepared food—and even slept! Amidst moans, groans and music, everyone roused to make breakfast and clean the center. This pilot project went as planned and participants continue to work with the Board of Directors to fill a long term need for temporary shelter in our neighborhood. 

    Recently, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced a grant to continue funding for 20 youth and young adults all year round!

    NEED: Re-Inventing Steps to Education (RISE) Center is losing a significant source of multi-year funds as of July 1, 2014. RISE students have all have endured negative school experiences and have not had their academic and social needs appropriately met by traditional systems. 

    What many of us take for granted can seem an insurmountable task for these young people: to receive an education and become self-sufficient, contributing members of our community. RISE provides comprehensive support by eliminating barriers, encouraging social engagement, building community, and practicing life skills. Please help PSKS continue to provide this essential service.


    Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS) has been providing supportive services to Seattle’s homeless youth and young adults for over fifteen years in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

    Accessibility and Cultural Competence
    PSKS serves a diverse group of young people. They are seeing a larger number of LGBTQ homeless and at-risk youth and young adults come to them for services. The agency has services and programming specifically tailored to the LGBTQ population. In 2010 nearly half of their participants self-identified as members of the LGBTQ community - 78 youth were served. About one-third of the staff and board members are LGBTQ.

    Relevant Programming
    PSKS shifted from a high school diploma program to a college/pre-employment program in fall 2011. They believe the new program allows better coordination and wrap-around services for the young people they serve. It integrates a GED program with career planning and serves as a bridge to a post-secondary program. Other organizations, such as Seattle Education Access, TreeHouse, YMCA-ILP, and Seattle University will provide additional resources for GED and Compass tests, mentors/tutors, and workshops on job readiness.

    PSKS works with housing providers such as the Landlord Liaison Project and Section 8 Housing to find housing for their clients as well as provides referrals to shelter services.

    Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

    Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

    10/21/2015 $5,000.00support general operating expenses.
    10/1/2008 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.
    6/26/2008 $5,000.00support the membership program and outreach and advocacy for homeless youth in the community.
    6/21/2006 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.


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