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We know that a connected community fosters meaning: strong families, a rich social life, ready friendships and a feeling of belonging. It also helps ensure the safety, quality and liveliness of our neighborhood. We provide a variety of ways, large and small, to connect neighbors, building strong social networks that create close bonds within our community. Over the years, we have created programs for preschoolers through seniors, families and singles, homeowners and renters, financially secure neighbors and people who are homeless. Programs are offered in five sites in north Seattle.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Phinney Neighborhood Association is to build, engage and support our diverse community through programs, services and activities that connect neighbors and foster civic engagement.
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Phinney Neighborhood Association
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Lee Harper 
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Phinney Neighborhood Association Programs

Children's Programs
With four preschools - including a Spanish immersion co-op - and before and after school enrichment programming, youth development is a major priority for the PNA. Combined, our children's programs serve more than 500 families each year. These programs are child-oriented and dedicated to nurturing the social, emotional and educational growth and development of each child as well as provide a resource and nucleus of support for families. We also offer rental space to two independent childcare programs

Senior Programs
The Greenwood Senior Center (GSC) has been serving Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood since 1974 but became a PNA program in 2006. The GSC mission is to provide programs and services which offer seniors the opportunity to enhance their physical fitness, mental stimulation and emotional well-being and to support seniors in their efforts to preserve traditions, embrace change and maintain independence. GSC provides more than 85 social, educational, recreational and health-related activities. In 2012 we launched a new program, the PNA Village, to help our neighborhood's seniors remain in their homes as they age. The PNA Village functions through a network of trained volunteer helpers and referrals to vetted vendors who are available to members through a "concierge service" - one phone call does it all.Scholarships are available to ensure that Village services are available to all.

Arts and Education

The wide variety of classes available at the Phinney Center - in subjects that range from dog obedience to yoga to belly dancing to home repair - are the PNA's best known programs. We offer or provide space for over 80 regularly scheduled classes each month. In addition, with an art gallery that changes shows monthly, weekly folk concerts and contra dances and a monthly children's entertainment series, we provide broad access to a variety of arts and culture.

Recent Successes and Current Challenges

In November 2012, thanks to a successful Capital Campaign, we completed construction of an elevator and a new entryway, making our main building accessible to all members of our community. The project had been a dream of the organization for many years. The Capital Campaign launched in late 2007 and faced severe challenges because of the economy but by 2009 we had raised enough to purchase the buildings, which we had leased from the school district for 29 years. Persistence and the support of our community allowed us to complete this construction phase.

Our most critical need is support for our senior programs. The PNA’s Greenwood Senior Center (GSC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our seniors and has taken a proactive role in empowering older adults to allow them to remain independent. Participants are largely female and live alone. While GSC serves people of all incomes, 62% are very low to moderate income. Most services offered are free or minimal cost, including daily lunches, social work counseling, support groups and social activities. The PNA Village, a new aging-in-place program that provides support to our neighborhood's seniors to allow them to remain in their homes as they grow older. The program offers a network of volunteer helpers, information and referrals to vetted businesses and community activities designed to build and maintain social connections. The Village anticipates that it will become self-sustaining but is currently still in the building phase.


The Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) is located in the Phinney/Greenwood neighborhood, and offers a wide variety of programs and activities for the whole community, with particular emphasis on programs for children, families and the area’s growing senior population.

Collaboration and Accessibility
PNA has partnered with Chinese Information and Service Center (CISC) to have a staff member onsite at its senior center to support the growing population of Asian seniors. It also offers computer classes in Spanish at its senior center and partners with a variety of community groups and local businesses to offer more opportunities for seniors to access services and connect with a broader support network.

PNA recently completed the first phase of a multi-year capital campaign that includes purchasing the Phinney Neighborhood Center site; improving accessibility in and to the buildings; and ensuring the safety and long-term sustainability of the building by eventually generating its own energy with renewable resources and capturing and treating all of its water onsite.

Grant History with The Seattle Foundation:

Grants Awarded through The Seattle Foundation Grantmaking Program:

6/10/2011 $10,000.00support general operating expenses.
12/10/2008 $35,000.00support the Phinney Neighborhood Center Capital Campaign.


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